X-Controller hex file

Can someone from Inventables post the new firmware update for the X-Controller so that those of us that can not hook the X-Controller up to the internet can update, as it is now the only way to update is through the easel program using the advanced then machine and update firmware button but that will not download the update for offline install. thank you.

for more information I got an e-mail today that states there is a new update that needs to be installed from inventables but I am unable to install as I am not allowed to hook anything up to the internet and I use the x-carve offline in a classroom setting. but I would like to keep it up to date as possible.

If you can be more specific about the e-mail you got I can try and locate the file for you to download.

Dear X-Controller Customer,
Recently we had reports that there were issues using the X-Controller with our new Z-Probe product. When we investigated the issue we discovered it is because an incorrect version of our firmware was pre-loaded on the controller boards, producing an error on how pin states are reported. We apologize for this problem.
If you have ordered an X-Controller from us anytime in 2016, whether you are using a Z-Probe or not, we strongly recommend that you take a moment to upload the correct version of firmware onto your X-Controller. We have added an easy way to do this directly through Easel:

Step 2:
Open Easel.

Step 4:
Click “Upload Firmware”.

Step 6:
If/when you do install it, you are shown the latest firmware version and then you are able to upload it to your machine.

Step 1:
Connect your computer to your (powered up) X-Controller.

Step 3:
Click “Machine” from the top menu and then “Advanced >>”.

Step 5:
If you have not downloaded the latest Easel Driver version which is capable of sending firmware to both Carvey and X-Carve (0.3.1), you will be prompted to do so.

If you run into any issues going through this process please feel free to contact someone on our support team. We are happy to help.

Here at Inventables, we take these kinds of problems seriously. We are investigating the situation to better understand how the incorrect firmware was introduced in the first place, why it was not caught during testing and how we can prevent something like this from happening in the future.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of Inventables. We are thankful to have you as a customer, and apologize for the inconveniences we have caused.


The Inventables Team

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Check out the post below… the file is attached in zip…

grbl_10c_hex.zip (29.7 KB)

And the XLoader in zip file as well

XLoader.zip (678.3 KB)

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Thank you, I am also locked out of freeware/shareware sites at the school where I teach as it keeps us out of any questionable program installing (I get how without this we could have anything installed which would be a nightmare for IT dept.) so I can not go to github to download something like this. Again Thank You.

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Private msg me your email address if you want. I’ll send them to you.

Is this firmware update “Required” or can I still run carves without updating the X-Controller.
I ask because my system is working fine. I had one issue with the probe (early in the setup) but that was one single incident and aside from that failure, I have not had any problems with it… I use it on every job without problems and am always cautious of “fixes”. I would love to wait to see how many people experience problems with the new firmware before taking that step…
So, again… is this X-Controller Firmware update required ? OR can I roll back to the old firmware if I do update and run into problems…(and is the process the same to roll back to older firmware) ???

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Its not required Robert… but it does fix the Z-Probe issue.

I was using my X-controller without incident prior to updating (Excepting the Z-probe). Once updated, the probe function worked without fail.

I ordered X-Carve on 10/15/16 with a Z-probe and awaiting shipping info. Will my unit be already updated or will I still need to flash the card?

Nazareth, Pa.

The .hex file (update) that happened about two weeks ago has no code changes in it. The only thing that changed is the build number.

Evidently, some X-controllers got released with a bad version of grbl. In my opinion they changed the build date as an administrative help to identify the correct build as opposed to the bad version.

When you updated your machine with the “new” version you most likely just overlaid a bad version.

There are no “bug” fixes in the 20161011 version.

[Edit] - you can use the $I grbl command to see the build number.

Don’t really know for sure. I haven’t had any problems. Most of the people I have read about having problems are using Easel.

When you try again use the .hex I posted for Gord in Machine & Work Positions not at 0 (ZERO)