X-Controller Integrated R Pi Touchscreen for CNCjs

I spent the last 3 days designing and printing a case to integrate my Raspberry Pi Touchscreen into the X-Controller because I’m tired of lugging my expensive computer to the garage. If you’re interested, I’ve posted the design on Thingiverse for all to see/print. I kept a wireless keyboard dongle in the case but I don’t need it with the touchscreen. All in, I’m at about $150 total for parts and pieces, so it’s far cheaper and smaller than another dedicated computer. Enjoy.


Neat project, and great write-up. Thanks for sharing.

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Very cool mod. It came out really well and the button relocation is slick!

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Thanks! It was a fun challenge. Now that I have a MMU on my 3D printer, I’ll likely print this one again with some color. Thanks again!

Nice! I’ll have to give this a shot when I finally get a 3-D printer.

@PopsActual How do you like the MMU? I have one I’m waiting to install.

@NeilFerreri1 I honestly haven’t used it yet. I finished this project, then spent about 12 hours disassembling my printer and adding the MMU but have not yet used it. I added the MMU2S to my MK3 so, the MMU2S upgrade basically makes the MK3 into a MK3S, requiring a complete rebuild of the extruder, then you start assembling the MMU, and there were a lot of little pieces and parts to get it all together. About 4 hrs on the extruder and another 7 or so on the MMU and buffer (all of which included interruptions from my 1 and 3 year olds). The buffer is already an annoyance though. Filament is ridiculously tedious to load in it and it’s so big that there’s no easy place to mount it, so I’ve already started imagining ways to forego it (autowind spool holders, etc). I will say that designing with Multi-Materials is not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and Slic3r makes it fairly straight forward. I’ll do a test print on Monday next week and try a MMU version of this case on Wednesday or so.

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Thanks for the info… That’s why I haven’t upgraded the extruder yet or installed the MMU. I’m a year ahead of you with the kids, so I typically only get to do that stuff at night (when I’m not at the grocery store or trying to clean cheese out of the clothes dryer).
Sorry for interrupting your thread…cool design and interface!

@NeilFerreri1 I’m digging the MMU. It was a PIA to assemble and get dialed in (hate the buffer), but now that it’s up, it’s fire and forget. Here’s the latest design with the MMU;

I adjusted the Power/Reset Mount to accept M3 screws to cut down on parts count and made all the functions two tone, adding labels and logos. First print is going as I type this, I’ll post pictures when complete.

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I guess you could use most of your design to drive almost any CNC running GCode using CNCjs.

First crack at it. Not bad. Don’t judge the fidelity, I had it on a low resolution setting for speed and I forgot to change the supports to rectilinear grid, so some of the taller ones collapsed resulting in some booger’s here and there, but overall, I’m happy with this one.

Okay, I’m reviving this one because I’ve upgraded the controller with a Pi4 and adjusted the case to make it easier to print while accommodating 3 external USB ports. When you build out the Pi image make sure you load up pendant and tablet modes. Honestly, tablet is probably the only one you need. It has more functionality than pendant and fits the screen better. One last thing, I dropped kiosk mode altogether and have it boot to full screen. This gives me the option to exit CNCjs with touch controls so I don’t need a keyboard. In kiosk mode it requires a keyboard to exit.

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