X-controller issues

I have a job running in easel and every few minutes it acts like jobs done stops moving and pop up window appears like it does when cut job is done but its not "did it turn out ok " yes or no

What causes this ? It will also continue to run program for few min than stop dead. Its like looses connection to easel or something trigging it to think its done.

Not 100% but think its a ground issue, I never had problem before and I recently did upgrades in which I havnt attached ground back yet after doing do issue stopped so far.

Do you have your whole machine grounded HaldorLonningdal ?

I don’t have an Xcarve and the frame is wood, but everything electrical is grounded.
I had serious noise issues when my Arduino was not externally powered, but after I fed it separately off a 12V supply that dissapeared.

If you are using the Dewalt, what speed setting do you use?

issue is fixed “so far at least” was a ground issue, I recently did some upgrades and never hooked up ground wire back. Ever since doing so don’t have x controller reset or loss of signal issues