X controller keep stoping my cut

Everytime I do an outline for a piece my machine just stop after seconds of cutting

Some more detail would help.

Does it aslo stop if you run the cut file in air? As in with spindle = off and no stock to carve in.

I am using easel and this isn’t the first time this has happen to me. It seems like, it only happens when I try to outline something. Sometimes it runs for 5 minutes or 10 sec and then machine just stops. I tried and run it without the spindle on (I am running a Makita router instead of the dewalt) and it seemed to work perfect but. Other threads say it could be the usb port is under power but I have run the fill command instead of the outline command and seems to work perfect. So I don’t get it.

When my brushes were worn out in the router (dewalt) the electrical noise was actually tripping the homing/limit switches.

So what is easier getting a new router or just get rid of the limit switches, they seem like they are cheap and break on me all the time.

I replaced the brushes in my router…quick and easy

I later on replaced the switches with magnetic hall effect switches

So for right until I get replacement brushes if I unplug the switches it should run correctly

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