X-Controller Lights Not Coming On

I’ve got my xcarve 1000mm kit all set up and the x-controller ready to go, then when i went into easel to setup the machine it wouldnt connect. Also, the power light and usb light would not come on, but the fans came on when I plugged it in. What do I do to go about getting this thing connected, and for those lights to come on? I’ve triple checked everything, all the connections are solid, no loose wires anywhere in the x-controller.

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Power supply set to the right voltage? E-stop plugged in and up?

Check the small ribbon cable from the board to faceplate. Mine was a little loose and I didn’t have a light either.

As said before, check the Estop, the power cable from the power supply PCB to the controller board (red and black wires with the Estop connections intermingled), the ribbon cable to the front PCB (they’re tough to fully engage), and the USB pigtail. If the Estop is engaged, the fan will still spin up since the fan is directly powered from the power supply PCB and the Estop just kills the 24V to the control board. Remember it’s a twist to reset the Estop.

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i thought i checked the Estop, guess i was wrong! its working now and i just ran my homing sequence! thanks so much, cant believe it was that simple!

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good to hear. we’ve all done it.

TWIST. Checked it three times and then… DOH! Yeah, thanks again!

I’m having same problem,however,my estop doesn’t stay down when pressed. Could that be a problem?

Got it!