X-Controller mod to power my SuperPID

So managed to get the power supply finally from the X-Controller to power my SuperPID speed controller. Took a 24v tap off the power-supply, and drilled a 5.5mm hole in the plate to the right of the fan, and used a 7805 linear-regulator to step down the 24V to a regulated 5v, with a reasonable heat sink, and got it up and running. Used microfit connectors throughout so it is easy to disconnect. I have to say, would have been nice just to have a 24V pin on the back (or on the old controller steal 5v from the arduino), but hey, drilling aluminum is easy enough… My 3D printer isn’t up yet (bad linear bearing), so haven’t made a nice box for the power-converter.

here is the converter prior to installation

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Well, it’s rated to 35v per the data sheet to output 5v, and the SuperPID only draws 150mA peak, so not a big power draw. The x-controller isn’t like the old controller which was easily accessible with lots of components (which meant a bunch of easy to access different pins).

I was just going to put a nice 5v switching supply inside the SuperPID box, but apparently people have had issues if you don’t use power from the same source when using PWM as your input (annoyingly the x-controller is 0-10v while the SuperPID uses 0-5v on the voltage pin, so have to use PWM)

I think this is actually a LM7805TO220 chip. Didn’t even really get warm in the first few minutes of testing (luckily I had tested it with my big-assed bench power supply first, as I didn’t notice a strand of wire had fallen across the input leads. Big spark! Luckily the bench supply clamps automatically in a dead short. so no harm done… A pair of tweezers and all was good.

Heeey I know this is old and all but the X Controller putting out 0-10V actually isn’t a problem. You can set up what’s called a “voltage divider” with two 1 kiliohm resistors, between the X Controller analog output and DC Common, and the node in the middle will be a perfectly proportional 0-5V reference voltage to drive your SuperPID. That’s what a voltage divider with two equal sized resistors does, it cuts a voltage in half.

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There’s a +5VDC pin in the X-Controller. Inside theres a header where the ISP connection goes. If I remember correctly it is Pin #2 what you want to tap into.