X-Controller Not Functioning At All

I’ve been using my x-carve for about a week, and for some reason the x-controller is completely dead. It happened when I was homing it using easel, and for some reason as soon as it finished homing and it hit all the limit switches, the entire cnc shut off. When I plug my power cord into the back, switch the switch to the ON position, and disengage the e-stop, nothing turns on. Not even the fan or any leds. I doubt I did anything wrong, anyone know what I should do?

If the fan isn’t spinning, check your A/C power source. The fan is independent of all of the other electronics except the D.C. Supply. The fan will spin even with the Estop engaged. Make sure the main A/C power switch is enabled or that the power cord is still plugged in.

Might have blown a fuse in the D.C. power supply.

But, your best bet is to call Inventables customer success.

Might be a silly suggestion… but does anything else work plugged in the same wall outlet?

I have thrown quite a few breakers in my garage over time, albeit with bigger tools… but stranger things have happened

Yup, I called, blown power supply… Inventables has some great customer service! I’m gonna get a new power supply on monday for free!

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I’m surprised it’s not protected by a fuse. Glad you got it all sorted though :grinning: