X-Controller not turning on, but has power

I do not know if any of you can help me with this. I was doing a 3-D carve and was in the process of changing bits. When taking the vacuum shoe off, the gantry moved forward about an inch or so. I pushed it back to close to where I thought it was, then went to my laptop to see if I could get it back to zero. I noticed the light on the X-Controller off. I then checked the power switch to find it still on. Every time I turn it on the fan will come on for about 3 to 5 sec, then turns off. the power light never comes on. I know I have proper power to the unit. Is there possibly a re-set in the unit, I do not remember one when building this a year ago. I sent an email to Inventables but I will not get an answer until Monday and its Saturday. Weekends are my only time with this. Thanks in advance for reading this even if you can not help.