X-Controller power connection problems

My power going into the X-Controller sometimes works sometimes doesn’t, if I push down slightly on the power cord where it connects into the X-Controller it powers on and everything runs fine… until it doesn’t, been fortunate enough that I have not had power loss in the middle of a carve, yet.

I have taken it apart 2 times to double check that the Power Interface PCB is secure (it is) leading me to believe that their is a cracked solder somewhere (ive looked don’t see anything out of the ordinary) or the power cord is just bad.

Anyone else have this problem or suggestions on better troubleshooting? I do not have a power cord that matches up to the one currently powering the controller that would be my first step at fixing the problem.

Try a different cord first.
If that doesn’t help then let customer service know and they should be able to help you.
They have the best service. Trust me. :slight_smile: