X-Controller Power LEDs OFF

I hear only the the rear fan but the LEDs on both the front and back panels are OFF when turned on. I haven’t been able to connect to the PC yet. Please help with how I can proceed with troubleshooting and getting the x-controller working.

BobJewell the Estop switch never got stuck. Actually I want to do a step by step troubleshooting with a voltmeter whilst the AC power ON. Can I do troubleshooting just on the controller with no other peripherals connected? I have opened up the controller with no cables from the Motors and limit switches termimating .Any info on such?


Wow BobJewell,I realised it had to be pushed up from the inside. When I said it wasnt stuck i meant i could easily twist the red know in the clockwise direction. Now I realised it was pressed. I have depressed it and will assemble it again and will let you know how that pans out. I hope that solves my headache.

I had the same problem after assembling my upgraded X-controller. I had lots of weird problems. None of the LEDs would light. Then I couldn’t get my relay to power on. The was much head scratching and lots of help from this forum. I disassembled my X-controller at least twice looking for a problem. Couldn’t find anything. Then it was suggested that the cables weren’t plugged in fully. They looked good to me. The plug locks were engaged. Finally, out of frustration, I took it apart again. All of the safety locks were engaged, but the plug was not fully engaged. A real close inspection showed that the plugs were not fully inserted into the sockets. Even though the locks were engaged, the plugs could be pressed further into the sockets. There is a component mismatch that allows the locks to lock, but the plug is not fully seated. Different brands of components that don’t fully match. A firm push seated the plugs correctly. After re-assembly all the LEDs lit correctly and the the controller functions worked.

So I did press the white thing in the E-stop to cause the RED knob to lift as suggested by BobJewell. I also parted the X-Controller to ensure all connectors are well seated as suggested by GerryKaslowski… turned the power switch on and Bang… LEDs were ON. Connected the unit to my Gcode streamer (PICSender) and I’m all smiles… im turning the Stepper motors. Thank you guys for a good job done… very much appreciated.

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