X Controller power light flashing

So during a carve, the X Axis became unplugged somehow. I smelled burnt wiring but didn’t see smoke at all and I assumed it overheated. I plugged it back in and allowed it to cool off. Now when I turn it on the fan will start and stop and the green power light just flashes. When I go to Easel it says my machine is not on. Did I fire the box or what?

I have the same issue just now - don’t see any helpful answers anywhere else on the site. Assumed it overheated or shorted but can’t tell for sure or what solution is.

Did you ever find a solution David?

Hey Bliss! So I’m still not exactly sure what happened to be honest. I was very very new to the CNC so it could have been operator error on my part. I ended up checking all the plugs and gave it another shot, but the fan would spin for a second then stop and do that over and over again. Ultimately my box started to smoke so I knew then I had fried something inside. I took a video of the issue (smoking included), sent to tech support through Inventables and they reached out immediately to me. They are super helpful! They ended up sending me overnight a new circuit board. I installed it, fired it up and (knock on wood) haven’t had any issues since! I hope this helps you!

Big help David! Will be calling them tomorrow when Support is open. Probably need a new circuit board as well.