X-Controller Problem

Don’t know what happened but my motors won’t move and I can’t figure out why. I have had the X-Carve for a little over a year with not very many problems but this time I am stuck.

Any suggestions?

Did your big red STOP button get bumped down even a little bit? You have to pull it up and give it a twist even to get it to “open” the motors.

Yes I made sure the bit red button was up and locked. I ever opened the controller and cleaned it out but the motors won’t move.

Is one of your limit switches activated or is there a loose connection somewhere? One of the problems with the X-Controller a while back was that the ring terminals that were wired to the E-Stop were not crimped sufficiently and people were having intermittent issues with the E-Stop halting machine operation.

Can you check GRBL and see if it is in an “ALARM” state?


Brandon Parker

I see no ALARM in GRBL. I have tightened down all connections to be sure.

It’s like the motors are not getting power. Have checked all the volts and they are were they should be but the motors won’t turn

Checked voltage out of the PSU?
Bypass the E-stop when trouble shooting, it can be finicky

I am having this same issue. The green light on the from of my X controller is not lighting up. I have disassembled the x controller to check all connections, also checked all homing switch connections. Manually moving the gantry z and y does not turn on the light with or without power. Not sure what to do.

I am totally new to this. How do i check GRBL for alarm? I have a MacBook Pro.

Make sure the Estop is pulled up and twisted.

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It is up and twisted. Checked usb in mac terminal, it is seeing xcontroller also.

If the computor is seeing it maybe the light is burned out. Can you jog the machine around.

I figured it out…sorry for wasting anyones time. My mistake when assembling. Forgot to align the microswitch positions with 3 on and 1 off on each. :hot_face:

okay i couldn’t figure it out until i bought a new xcontroller. it was the main board. swapped it out and it works fine. Last time I spend money with Inventables.