X-Controller Schematic to connect other Nema 23 motors

Am using a x-controller for a different brand machine with nema 23’s but can’t find out which wires are the A+A-B+B-

just wondering what wires go into what spots? 2 images attached - x-controller and then the nema 23 that I am using.

any help would be much appreciated as can’y find any threads with the details

Red green yellow blue. If it goes the wrong direction, switch red and green.

thanks NeilFerreri1 that helped me and solved my issue, much appreciated

BTW the schematics are located here:


thanks for that

No problem. These bipolar steppers are pretty easy to work with when you know the coil pairs. Your image of the data sheet shows that in the lower right corner.

once you said the order, I realised the link and order of the wires and the penny dropped

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