X controller ship date 2/16/17

Just talked to support and for anyone wondering when the xcontroller will ship looks like Monday or Tuesday. They are supposed get them in hand on Friday. I ordered mine on Dec. 7th and they said I was around first in line.

I ordered my upgrade kit 13DEC16 and have been told it will ship 20FEB17.
They told me it will ship USPS Express international at no extra cost due the the 10week wait

Mine was ordered the week after. I hope they have get enough to send to all of us.

They said they were going to upgrade shipping to next day. I don’t think this was automatic though it might be worth a call to check. They also mentioned a small gift card for anyone over the 6-8 week wait. Thought that was pretty cool.


Anyone get word that theirs shipped? I was told mine would ship on the 15th and then they told me the 20th. No word yet.

Today was a holiday so maybe tomorrow

I called late Monday and was told they were expected on 2/21, so I started to ask a few questions such as have they been shipped from the supplier, is production even done yet, they didn’t know. I even asked to talk to the person that orders them and was told he doesn’t talk to the public. Finally I was told they could be in by the end of the week or earlier next week. I asked to talk to Zack and left him a voice mail, hopefully he gets back to me, just want to know whats going on! I’ll let you guys know.

Hmmmm…depending on how Phil’s newfangled controller works out, requesting a controller refund and building the PhilController might be a faster/better solution??

Hah yeah might have to order a controller off Phil. Pretty ridiculous how bad their shipping service has been so far.

Initial shipping date: 1/15-1/29 -> No shipment
First delayed expected ship date: 2/15 -> No shipment
Second delayed expected ship date: 2/20 -> No shipment

11 weeks in, approaching 12 and still no shipment or explanation. Every time I call they just tell me “next week” and say they don’t have any further details.

Guess we won’t partake in the community challenge then :thinking:

Still waiting for my upgrade kit ordered 13DEC16 No shipping date yet ###

Starting to resemble one of those Kickstarter campaigns that make wild promises and can’t or won’t ever deliver. Transparency goes a long way…why not just email all of the outstanding orders with a decent explanation??

OK guys, just got my shipping confirmation!!! Next day air.

‘posts on the issues…’ a MUCH better “customer success” approach would be to send an email directly to whom placed the order, not just a post in a forum someone may never see. Get in touch with your customers, not just broadcast to the world.

Received notification mine has been shipped Priority Express International should see it early next week

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