X-controller shipped!

I ordered on Nov 14 and just (12/19) received the much anticipated email that it has shipped. So hopefully any orders before that have also shipped. Can’t wait. Very soon I will be breaking my own bits instead of just reading about it! :grinning:


You are lucky. I ordered on November 15 and still waiting for confirmation that the order has shipped!

When the time comes, you’ll both be very pleased.

I ordered November 8th and just received tracking for the X-Controller today. The rest of the machine is built and patiently waiting in the garage.

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I ordered the upgrade kit on 11/18 and haven’t seen anything yet :frowning:

I have to apologize!! Mine was ordered on the 14th of November not the 22nd. I corrected the above post. UPS Tracking puts it at my door tomorow.