X-Controller + SuperPID =?

I plan to get the X-Carve any day now. First I am going to build my TorsionBox and then I’ll place the order. When I order my X-Carve I also plan on getting the X-Controller and the SuperPID. I was told by someone in the X-Controller section that adding the SuperPID is “very dangerous”. Why would it be so dangerous?

Has anyone added a SuperPID to their X-Controller? If so could you give me some insight on it? Thanks.

I’ve not done the PID, but I researched it a bit.

At the end of the day, I decided it wasn’t worth it since 99% of the carving I would do didn’t require me to change the DW611 speed beyond 1.5.

I do love the spindle auto-start relay, but that’s ~$20 from Amazon


Use the SuperPID but not with xcontroller and I am very happy with it. There are many more happy users. Not sure why the warning.

Found out today that the warning was because you are using AC voltage with it, but I have rewired my house so that’s not an issue.

I am designing my custom enclosure now. Should be a fun project.