X-controller total cost to ship to the UK

This is just to give other European people a idea of how much it would cost to import a X-Controller. Although I cannot guarantee the price will be the same, as currency fluctuates all the time. UPS seams to always go through customs ,unlike some others, so there will be a charge


£228.32 for the X-Controller
£45.42 for USPS Priority Mail International
£59.12 for Import duty including the £8 post office charge

Total Cost £ 332.86

My X-Controller was posted on the 1/27/2016 got Customs Charge today and requested delivery tomorrow. So time taken to deliver is 16 days.In short it is just about a £ to $ conversion and just over a 2 weeks wait. Will properly be selling gShield to offset some cost soon.

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I found this store in the UK


looks official Inventables

regards Neal

yay i could calculate mine too
i order it on robosaavy

but just to warn some people, juste watchout with ups… they send me two time the VAT tax…
because the wast board was in an other shippment…
so 2x VAT on the total price… sweeet… i’m in contact with them for cancelation on one of the two vat tax…

Can you remember roughly the customs/vat cost of the Xcarve itself?

nop, the VAT is calculated on the total price (without shipping)
my tax (8%) was 142chf (swiss francs) x-carve full load from robosavvy

  • 20 chf ups service charge…

so, if you want to know how much it will be for you, juste calculate it with the vat of your contry with your total amount without shipping

Just to give others an idea; Here in England I had a £45 import charge for the rails package and £175 import charge for the main package (gshield, tools, callipers, drag chain, full package etc.). Nothing to pay on the wasteboard, not sure if it slipped passed or if theres nothing due since It’s essentially just a piece of wood.

Hope this helps fellow UK buyers.