X Controller USB Connection Potentially bad?

So I am definitely a noob to this community so I appreciate the patience of everyone here.

My problem seems to be on the USB side of things.

When I connect the X Controller nothing happens. By nothing I mean nothing. No sound from Windows that signifies that something has been plugged in. Nothing in device manager. I tried an additional cable direct from the board as opposed to the provided bulkhead. Still nothing. I installed the latest arduino and easel drivers in addition to rolling them back to older versions.

All the lights are on and I have verified that the emergency stop isn’t the issue.

The fact that I get absolutely no reaction from my PC leads me to belive it could just be a bad board perhaps? Occasionally when I turn the X Controller on the machine itself twitches to life. Most times though nothing happens.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Did you assemble and attach everything? I had a similar problem where my X Controller did not start up. I found out that I needed to install the e-stop and then things started working. The problem was that I was trying test the X controller before i finished assembling it.

you have a power problem… Every single Time i turn on my x controller, my machine “twitches” to life. The stepper motors come alive and I can hear the fans running on my X controller…