X controller vs gecko

Looking to see what everyones thoughts are? Bought my x carve about six months ago and learned alot. I do feel like there is better out there though. So my question would be would mach be worth it. Not to sure how they compare really? Looked at my controller tonight and felt the urge to Upgrade it hahah any advice?

gecko pairs up best with mach3. So you’ll probably need to buy a license for that.

Xcontroller still uses grbl.

That said, I think the mach3 upgrade is totally worth it, i have a gecko and can only praise it.

Do you have the xcontroller? Your good. If not I would build phils demon!

Yes i have the new x controller. Just unsure if thats the best way to go

I have the x controller i pretty much have to start from scratch to go mach 3 correct

Yes, and with pic sender and ugs platform there really isn’t much of and upgrade. Yes mach is better but it’s not a good value. Money would be better spent on a better Z or other mods.

Ok awesome i just ordered a new z axis and ended up getting a vfd. Anything else i can do?

If you want to push harder, 269oz motors and 9mm belts. But I think you will be in a very good place as is.

I asume the vfd also includes a spindle.

yeah I kind of agree. If you are upgrading from a gshield, I’d say buy a gecko. But since you have the X controller, the added value probably doesn’t warrant the extra cost.

I did Phil’s demon controller and motor upgrade and the difference in power is scary.

If you already have the X controller than you should be able to just upgrade to the stronger motors. I highly recommend it. It makes a big difference.