X-Controller w/o E-stop?

I just finished my 1000mm X-Carve build and was at the computer setup when I realized my X-controller light wasn’t turning on. The fan was on but no green light. So naturally the connection to the computer/Easel wasn’t syncing up. I took the front plate of the controller off and everything appeared to be secured correctly but I disconnected the e-stop to remove the top plate and one of the terminals connected to the E-stop had broken off… so the terminal is still on the e-stop but the wire that connected it is now loose. I assume this broken connection was my problem but I really don’t know for sure.

I’ve contacted Inventables support to inform them of my broken component but wanted to know what other options there are, as I was hoping to get this running over the weekend. Is power to the e-stop essential to the functionality of the X controller? Any suggestions?

Not essential. You can bypass the E-stop and all that you lose is the E-stop function.

This is a known issue with quite a few X-controllers that have been delivered to customers.

Three options:

  1. Wait for customer support
  2. Bypass the Estop
  3. Redo the Estop connection yourself.

If you’re good with electronics, 2 and 3 should be simple.

If you’re not, I recommend option 1.

I went with option #3 and just completed my first cut. Thanks guys.


Yes but that assumes you have connectors and a crimper and junk which most may not. Just sayin.