X-Controller will not connect to laptop

I just finished the assembly of my X-Carve. I am using Windows 10. Through the assembly procedure, I started the “computer Setup” process. Initially, I was able to work through the setup and confirm that the X,Y, and Z stepper motors were working correctly. When I go to the limit switches to configure them, they are not seen by the controller. I by-passed that part of the setup and went on to the Z-Probe. The controller did see the probe, but the probe would not allow the Z axis to zero properly. During all of this I had difficulty with the communication between the laptop and X controller. I gave up last night and wanted to start back up this morning. Today I have made many attempts,but the laptop does not see the X-controller. The strange thing is that with the X-controller powered off, the laptop will recognize the controller when the USB cable is plugged in. I tried to call the support line, but they are closed on the weekends. has anyone experienced the same type of issue?

Best bet is to call back on Monday. In the meantime we do have some support articles that might help

Connectivity issues
COM Port troubleshooting

Similar problem here :confused:
Except that I use macOS.

I can not connect to the X-Controller through Easel.

Maybe a solution here could give me a hint for my problem.

Double check all of your ribbon cables inside and also check the USB pigtail cable from the front panel to the main PCB. A loose connection there can cause strange issues including potential connectivity lose. If you were doing motor operations, those short moves cause some shock/vibe and could have helped loosen the connection and when you powered on, the energizing of the motors (mine always does a little jolt) could have finished it off. The ribbon cables could also be the probe/limit issue. When I assembled mine, those cables and the sockets had quite a bit of resistance and if the “plungers” weren’t pushed out, the cables wouldn’t seat right.

Hello, well I also could not make easel work on mac, and I solved it by turning the Sierra system to Yosemite and everything works correctly.
For windows I recommend that you try with Universal code Sender to see if you recognize the com port, with windows 10 I have not had any problem, Easel do not use it since I work with gcode exported from Aspire.

I think it would be polite if Inventables simply acknowledged that there are issues with Easel and macOS Sierra. The issue is about Arduinos and the USB serial port driver and Inventables is not the only vendor with the problem. Some others manage to have solved it. I had a spare machine I could run Yosemite on so that’s how I am now able to carve again.

Sure it could be exactly that. However that I’ve spent a great deal of time debugging Arduino serial port behavior in macOS sierra and this is exactly the same sort of oddness I’ve seen (port works until disconnected then never seen again/never seen in the first place though USB monitoring sees the device on the USB bus. It also occurs with other USB serial crossover devices under macOS Sierra.

Also, I’m not trying to reach tech support via this channel – I’m just noting that publically acknowledging issues is a good (and common elsewhere) practice.

hey guys

just want to share my solution I found out yesterday:
see here in the other thread