X-controller wiring PWM

Hello - can anyone provide me with a clear picture and explanation of how they wired there QC spindle into PWM pin on the back of the xcontroller? I have all the motors hooked up correctly but I don’t know how to access the PWM function of the xcontroller with the QC spindle or my Chinese 600W spindle. I realize you need another power supply to power them (Which I have) but am unsure of how to wire it together and am afraid of making smoke (again…) I have a job coming up and I need to get my machine up and running soon!!

My wiring skills are virtually zero so if you could resound back like you are talking to a toddler that would be greatly appreciated also the use of colors, large arrows and crayons is also encouraged…

Thanks in advance

Please lets us know what inputs your spindles have.

  • My Quiet Cut 48V Spindle has _____
  • My Chinese 600W Spindle has _____


  • 2 screw terminals labelled X and Y?
  • Two wires red and black?

From there some sort of wiring diagram can be suggested / created.

Thanks Jeremy-

Both spindles have 1 black wire and 1 red wire.

Does this answer your question?

Thanks again for the help.


You will need some sort of external speed controller.
Example: Inventable’s 300W Speed Control
That controller will not work with your Chinese Spindle, because the spindle is 600W, and the controller has a max load of 300W.

Ok thanks. I have that speed controller. Do I need the relay switch? How would I wire it?

Thanks again so much for the help. So to be a pain.

These instructions are decent:

Except in Step 6, use the PWM signal pin D11 from the GSHIELD.
See Connecting GRBL.

Do you have any headers soldered to your GShield?
As in step 5?

I had it working with the gshield but i have upgraded to the x-controller and don’t know how to hook it up to that…

I didn’t think I needed to use the Gshield with the xcontroller?



[quote=“StefanAtkinson, post:7, topic:20217”]
I didn’t think I needed to use the Gshield with the xcontroller?
[/quote] You are right… Your though process is correct… Just think a little harder.

If you had it working with the gshield:
Disconnect the wire from the gshield, and move it to the Spindle PWM on the X-Controller.
Leave your original spindle and speed controller alone.

Thanks Jeremy for all your help… I will give this a go and see if its smokes.