X-Controller Y2 wiring

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@EliasPolitis points out that the picture of the Y2 stepper connector “seems to have one of its coils (black/green) flipped on the Y2 connector.”

@sketch42 says that “it is black, green, white, red for all of the axis except for Y2 where it is black, green, RED, white”

Can Inventables chime in here and let us know which is the correct wiring for Y2?

According to a simple stepper motor diagram, maybe it doesn’t matter, just so long as you do one pair or the other.

I believe you answered your own question. All you need to do is reverse one pair.
But Inventables can always confirm :smile:

Are you curious from a implementation (E.G. I can’t get my machine to work) perspective, or a documentation (Make it easier for people in the future) perspective?

Yes…haha. I’m about to rewire Y2. One of the main reasons i purchased the X-Controller was the separate Y1 and Y2 connections. The rewiring video is good except for this one point. I also think the documentation should be clear and consistent for trouble shooting.