X direction not working after upgrade. Help?

So I recently purchased the upgrade kit since I was not happy with the reliability of my x-carve (x-axis movement and not enough power to my nema-23 motors most importantly). I also purchased the new eccentric spacers to replace the nuts I had before. The problem with the nuts, is they could undo them selfs. I’m hoping now with the nylon nuts locking them instead, this issue will go away also. I also beefed up the y axises by putting 3x L brackets on each Y axis, bolted in two places on each bracket and two places on the waste board.

Needless to say, I’m very happy with the lack of play now in my x-carve. However, my x direction is acting a bit funky and can’t seem to figure out whats going on. What it does is sometimes it will move and other times, it will not.

Here’s what I can say about it:

  • First weird thing to me is I remember all axises locking once the machine is on before the upgrade. Now, all axises lock except the x-axis. The x-axis moves freely, despite the fact that it CAN, but will not always move when commanded.
  • I have realigned the ecentric nuts multiple times. They are as loose as they can be while still being tight enough that they don’t slip.
  • I adjusted the all of the pots to 2.8 amps, the value recommended by Inventables.
  • I double checked the wiring is correct, and fully attached (no loose connections anywheres in the x-stepper motor cable)

I’m not sure what else to do. It seems weired that the x-axis motor does not lock when powered on. When I give it the command to move, it makes a noise and fails to move.

Any help is much appreciated…

Found my problem I believe. It seems the screws that hold the gear to the motor shaft is slipping.

The cause, the screws attaching the gear to the shaft have vanished. Anyone know the size of screw I’m looking for or any place that sells it?

I think they are m3. But change them to cap screws and don’t forget the loctite.

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M3 screws.

I used 8mm nylon patch screws in mine.