X does not move

came out this afternoon turned everything thing on and the X axis does not move .everything else works. Thank-you

If you connect X-stepper to Z-driver output, does it (X) move then?
If so, X-driver is toast.

i put 2 new steppers X will not move in jog i can push it and theres is no hold back

Did you connect Z wire to it and still try to jog X?
You would have to jog Z.
Just making sure you understand.

  • Disconnect from the controller your known good Z-stepper
  • Connect your X-stepper to Z-driver output
  • Attempt to jog X, does it move?

If it does not move, it strongly suggest your X-driver chip is toast and need to be replaced.

Sorry I made a mistake. It’s the Y axes I think it’s the PCB.