X-Pendant v2

I’m interested too if you can ship to Europe (Belgium).


The semi-colon trick in UGS only works for macros, if you’re using the console it is going to be limited to one command at a time. It looks like your device is emulating a keyboard, some some of the more complex routines would be… well… complicated.

You can create keyboard shortcuts to custom macros. In addition to that, UGS has a LOT of built-in actions which would (only?) be useful for a pendant like this:

If you wanted to make it even easier for your customers, you could create a profile for your device which can load all of the shortcuts automatically by clicking the “Manage Profiles…” button. This isn’t a feature I’ve used before, but occasionally these esoteric extras in the platform I’m using come in handy!


Thanks Will. I’ll take a look at your suggestions and see what the best next step is.

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@MechanicalGoose do you have an idea on when this will be available for sale?

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Update. After a few more hours of coding and trial and error (thanks to @WillWinder for the support), the pendant now has the same functions for UGS that were shown in the video for Easel. It requires importing a set of macro’s and a keymap set into UGS but that will all be provided to make things simple.

For PicSender, it still remains a jogging only solution for now.

I will be selling them through my Etsy store initially and plan to post the completed listing tomorrow. I will start taking pre-orders as I order the sub-components in batches. I will ship in the US initially but want to open it up after I check on what is required to ship elsewhere.

Appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and support.


Keep us posted when you get it to work with Picsender.
Ill take one then.

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Also interested in Picsender capabilities.
For now I have a bluetooth num pad that does jogging.

Yes, after you create a custom macro it should show up in the drop-down menu and you can set a keybinding for it.

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Thanks Phil. As of my update post from last night I had already setup all the macros and keymapping so in UGS the pendant functions the same as it does in Easel as I showed in the video. I have the export of the keymaps and macros so folks will be able to import and hit the ground running.

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I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t. None of the keymaps I’m using are unique sequences that would require newer Windows versions. I have an old XP machine I could test it on to be sure. Now that I have it working I need to run a quick test on my Macbook now to be sure there are no issues there either with UGS mode.

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This will require the use of ugcs platform, not the classic gui, correct?

Currently yes. Platform is the most compatible.

Ok. Here we go. The listing is live on my store. I will update the available quantity as I get components and get them built.



Looking forward to this!

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@PhilJohnson I dug out a 13 year old Win XP Celeron laptop and confirmed it works with UGS.

I also confirmed it works on Mac OSX for anyone curious.


Hello. Any update on availability ? Thank you.

EDIT: I’ve just received the shipping notification. Just have to wait for it to arrive in Tahiti! Thank you @MechanicalGoose

Yep, I just shipped most of the first batch today. The rest by Monday. I will post when I open the store for the next batch.


Received my X-Pendant in the mail today. Amazing quality! Well done @MechanicalGoose. Can’t wait to take it for a spin this weekend.


I’ve opened up orders for the second batch.

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This is definitely something that needs to be added to my setup. How does this hook up with Phils home made controller? I am in the process of building one for myself and would love to add this.