X-rail doesn't work fully

I tried to cut a project in Komatex and after cutting the first piece the motor seemed like stopping for a second and didn’t make the entire course.
I uploaded 2 photos as the project turned. In the second photo it can be seen how instead of going and cutting from point A to B, it jumped only till point X. I stopped the process and remade the second piece. When it’s about to go more than 40 cm, it just goes crazy and it cuts where he wants.
Does anyone have this problem or know how to solve it?

Have you checked your V-wheels (not too tight, or loose), and adjusted your motor currents? There are many posts like this already.

Yes, i checked all this and also read on the forum many topics but didn’t solve it

Hi @ConsuelaSabau,

It looks to me like your X axis is inline for both X and B cuts… This would mean that your Y axis is not following the “rapid” all of the way back to point B. Like @TonyNo mentioned and I would tend to agree, this really looks like the current going to your Y axis just isn’t tuned to the right amount.

Can you take a look at the following link and see if it helps?

[Solved] Cutting wrong, loosing position

Hi @sketch42,
Thank you very much for the advice. I solved the problem. It was from the current going to the Y axis and i moved it a bit and works perfect.
I still have a question…when it carves the objects it leaves some part of material untouched which seem to be the parts that hold the material in place so it doesn’t jump from it’s place. Do you know how could i remove them from Easel or i could do this only if i use V Carve Pro?

Awesome! Glad that helped you @ConsuelaSabau.

In Easel, tabs are automatically set and in V-Carve Pro they are manually turned on and set.

To turn them off in Easel, select the object you want to remove the tabs from and at the bottom of where you set the depth of cut and uncheck the box that says “Use Tabs”. If you do this you will want to use something like double sided tape to hold the piece in place otherwise it can be caught by the end mill and thrown around.

Another way to do this, depending on your material, is to mill almost all the way through and leave something like .01" left and then just sand it on the underside and the piece will separate. Hope that helps.

Thank you again for all the help @sketch42. Wish you a very nice day :blush:

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