X rail Limit switches -

I have noticed that when I am zeroing out the router the right arm doesnt stop when the left one reaches the limit switch. Is there a way to add a wire to the harness from the right motor so when the x rail reaches zero the right motor shuts off as well? There is a lot of torque on that side when the left side stops and the right wants to keep moving.

Both y motors should stop at the same time.

Check your motor wiring. Are you using the Arduino/gShield, the X-controller, or something else?

X axis moves left and right. Y axis moves forward and back.

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It is the front to back movement, the y axis. If you are looking right at the machine the left side stops when it hits the limit switch, the right side torks a bit.

Which controller are you using?

The new X-Controller. I am thinking that if i can run wires to the other side motor and back to the limit switch i can shut both off at the same time???

Check your:
acceleration $121=
idle $1=255
sets screws.
Strange that it keeps moving especially since both y are tied together.

Check to make sure that you have the X axis motor wiring on the X axis terminal block.

Make sure that the two Y motors are hooked to the Y1 and Y2 terminal blocks.

One of the Y1 or Y2 terminal blocks should have one set of wires reversed (black/green in the instructions).

From your description it sounds like you have the left Y motor hooked to the X axis terminal.

If the motor wiring is correct, then check to make sure that you have the homing switches hooked to the correct terminals for each axis at the X-controller.