X&Y 9MM GT3 Belt Upgrade

I am interested in upgrading my Xcarve 1000 with 9mm Wide GT3 Belts.
The parts i would buy would include

QTY 6 - 9mm White Idlers - http://openbuildspartstore.com/smooth-idler-pulley-wheel-kit/

QTY 3 - 9mm White 20 Tooth GT3 Pulleys - http://openbuildspartstore.com/gt3-timing-pulley-20-tooth-high-torque-series/

12ft of GT3 Timing Belt (5mm wide only unfortunately), Looking for 8-9mm wide belt

New Belt Clips will need to be made to hold 9mm white belt.
any other issues anyone can see in making this upgrade?

Is this what you are looking for?


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Yes but that stuff is $3/Inch ouch!

I did the belt (12 feet) and the 3 pulleys, I didn’t bother to replace the idlers… worked great, love the GT3. Don’t forget you have to change $100 and $101 after, since micro step values change

Uh, I didn’t look at the price. They really do like their stuff. :smiley:

What is the improve of this upgrade?

Well, hard to give a simple before\after breakdown with real data points.

Prior to the upgrade I was cutting hard maple and oak, and despite having my belt tension set at the recommended 3 lbs, I did get belt slippage somewhat consistently…

After adding GT3, and using same feeds and speeds on the same type woods, I’ve not encountered any slippage at all.

If I had to categorize the upgrades I’ve done to my XC, GT3 would be at the top, followed by the X axis stiffening mod…

You can get 9mm wide 3GT belt on eBay. Search 3GT Timing Belt Wide 6mm 9mm 15mm Neoprene GT Belt Pitch 3mm

Sorry to jack the thread…

I got new motors today, upgrading from NEMA 17 > NEMA 23, and I didn’t get pulleys… Since i am ordering new pulleys anyway, how beneficial is the GT3 over the GT2?


im going with 6mm white GT3 as its easier to get the parts

What are the changes, and to where, thanks.

I got 9mm 3GT belt from ebay. $27.99 for 5meters with free shipping. That comes to about $0.14/inch. Search “3GT Timing Belt Wide 6mm 9mm 15mm Neoprene GT Belt Pitch 3mm Accuracy Position.” The vendor was powge. Good stuff. Works fine.

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What is the bore size i need for the GT3 pulleys to fit on to my nema 23 motors i got with my x carve?

Also i have the 60min x axis stiffening mod. Will this still work?

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/321932116824

Will this work?

K so i just ordered this

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/221937443133

Now i need to know exactly what pulleys to buy. I see the part list on the begining of this thread says the bore is .25"? Can some one just post the link to the pulleys that fit this belt and my x carve. Thanks

If you have the acme threaded rod, the pulley on that is an 8mm bore, the rest are 1/4" for nema 23 motors.

I do have the acme rod. I was thinking to just leave the z axis alone. Is that a good idea? If not then i will have to find the right size closed loop belt for the GT3 pulleys

Do the rest, see how it works…you can always change out the Z at a later date.

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I did the X and Y, but left Z alone and I’m happy I didn’t bother with it… X and Y upgrades will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

I got the GT3 20 tootb pulleys the 9mm 3mm pitch timing belt

I sorta did a “dry fit” and it looks like the belt is too wide for my idler smooth pulley. Am i missing something? I have the x carve 1000mm kit with dewalt router.