X,Y Location for project

Many of you are aware that I am doing some videos on Easel and have seen my video on making curved letters. Also, I have seen on the forum where a number of new members are lost when it come to Setting X,Y location in the project. Some have even asked if the placement can be at the top of the Y axis. To answer these questions and more I am in the process of editing a video to answer all these questions for the new members.

I want to ask for your input and questions that you would like to be answered before I release my video on Tuesday on anything related to setting X,Y axis and placement of your workpiece.

Maybe we can get a good discussion going on all the concerns in one place so that the best solution can be given

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Will you be showing and explaining G28 and G30?
I think that would be very helpful to new members.
I cannot imagine operating without it.

I am going to be using Easel for this demonstration. Iā€™m not creating gcode or using universal gcode sender

G28 & G30 can be used in Easel. Maybe include the difference between work zero and machine zero. How about a bump stop.