X & Y Not Square - How to Fix?

How do you go about getting the X & Y axis to travel square?
I noticed from starting on the far left side of the waste board that by the time the bit gets to the far right, I am off center by 1/4. I have about the same with the Y axis. Does anyone have any tutorials on how to fix? I want to make sure when I carve works the carve doesnt drift. I had not noticed this issue carving signs but I recently went to carve a sentence on some poplar and saw the words drifteted. Not sure if its a software fix or I need to do something with the side rails? Any help would be appreciated.

When you put your machine together, did you use a square

@TonyKennerly Are you saying the machine is square but your cut is not? Or are you asking how to square the machine?
The software won’t cause issues like that. There’s actually very little when it comes to errors that can be attributed to the software.

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I did not use a square when putting together the machine; only because the I dont recall the assembly instructions calling for it. I was too focused on following the directions with so many parts to deal with. In short I was looking for advice on how to square the machine up. I will see about following Neils suggestion and will post an update to this post soon. If anyone else has feedback please dont hesitate to share.

I followed Neils advise and it essecially worked. I did have to loosen up the front and back bars under the waste board to move the evenly spaced out sides; a little extra tweaking and I got it square.


For everyone who has this problem, I am working on a video that hopefully will help everyone. Will post tomorrow. Doing final editing

@TonyKennerly. Here is a video that may help


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Please also note that even with a machine that is square you still need to make sure that the X axis is square to the Y axis every time you power up the machine.

To achieve this I have 2 wooden blocks that a place between the Y riser plates and the X axis at both ends of the X axis, then I pull the X axis towards the blocks and power up the machine.

This process takes seconds and achieves consistent results. Without doing this you can be way out of square even with a square machine.


Do you have a picture of this…getting real tired of squaring and re-squaring. I just beefed up the subframe and did a 3/8 aluminum base with t-track and mdf on top. This fucking machine doesnt hold square for anything. I tried t cut a 90° clamp bar and it wont match to a large builders square.

I will take some and get back to you.

I just took 2 offcuts of oak, they are equal lengths in my case because the base is squared. I pull the X-axis towards the blocks as I power up. The power switch is located within easy reach.

hard to take a pic of both actions together, i only have 2 hands :joy:



Thank you for the input. Is this done when you have to change bits for multiple cuts?