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X-Y-Z axes not running anymore after CNC4 newbies upgrade

hi everyone. i have the complete upgrade kit from cnc4newbies. i have re-wired all but now when i am about to do a test run sometimes non of the axis will move. sometimes the x axis is moving but its just for a certain range. if i move the x axis to the right for lets say 50 x 1mm step i can move to the left also only 50 x 1mm or 5x 10mm steps. but as soon as it reaches the starting position where she started before it stops and wont move at all anymore! if i off and on again i can do the same again and it will end up the same too. i have checked if i maybe had some wires wrong but its all correct and nothing is mixed up or wrong connceted. z and y axis i cannot even move at all! if i check in easel “machine” >> advanced >> machine inspector i can see it shows under the “console” >> show status it gives me an alarm. under “events” it declares an alarm:2 message. what is also strange is that under machine position x-y-z axis are all 0. but work position is with x-y on 750 and z is 0. is there anyone who can let me know whats the issue?! i have no ideas anymore…

So what are the upgrades? I have the cnc4newbies z axis and that if I recall just requires a change in the steps per mm for the z axis. Risers wouldn’t impact anything. Did you get larger motors? It sounds like you need to go through set up again. The Cnc4newbies website doesn’t show a complete x carve upgrade package unless you are talking about the ultimate package. Did you get a Demon Controller?

This goes through the setup I guess.


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