X,y, z homing issue

I recently received the xcarve and have used a few times but cannont get it the home or connect probe. when i try homing it starts with z but goes down i then click on change the grbl but no difference? also the machine inspector is saying xy are pressed. i have taken the whole thing apart several times to check wiring and all seems good any help would be very much appreciated.

Try re running the machine setup.

I have but when I do the homing sequence it sends the z down and cannot seem to found out how to change it to go up

During the machine setup, there is a screen that allows you to jog the machine to check movement on x y and z axis and flip directions if needed.

If you can not get the Z-stepper to move up, regardless of jog command one of its 4 wires have poor (no) contact.

Thanks on machine setup all seems to be in the right direction so just change the z which then went to homing it moved in the right direction but only moved a few mm up then stopped and done nothing else ?

What does the Easel -> Machine Inspector window show for status / alarm?
(Open Easel, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to open Machine Inspector)

In addition to what Haldor said, double check the placement of the x and y carriage.
Make sure you aren’t already in the “home” position.
Jog the machine more towards the center of the waste board before homing to make sure you aren’t already contacting a homing switch somewhere.

If you are certain that the machine is not already in it’s home position, but the status of the homing switches are all showing contact (or closed), make certain they are wired correctly. Most homing switches have both normally closed and normally open contacts on them. You should be wired to the normally open side of the switch.

If your X, Y or Z axis moves in the opposite direction than expected, you simply have your wires crossed. It’s simple to switch two wires and resolve that issue.