X,Y,Z & Homing

I have searched forums and found nothing with my issue today.

I used my x-carve yesterday and all was good. Today I start it up to do a project and can not get it to move. X-controller is on. I have checked and double checked all wires/connections, belts, stops and even uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. I still have zero movement on X,Y,Z. All lights are green in easel but when I try to move it says " Machine must be homed or unlocked to jog ". I hit unlock and it gives me the panel to move but nothing moves. I try going to Machine: Home Machine and it pops up with an error saying " Homing Failed Make sure Clamps and Material are not blocking the path " (nothing is on my waste board).

HELP!!! :slight_smile:

“All lights are green” is this the lights for x,y,z on the Machine inspector screen?
These should be white unless they are currently pressed, then they would show green.
You can unlock them jog a tiny amount and repeat until each axis is off of the switch (or you can turn off the cnc and manually move the axis so it isn’t pressing the switches).

Or if they are lit green but the switches definitely aren’t being pressed than i would check what happens when you do press 'em. Do they turn to white when pressed?

I’ll stop here until hearing back. Thanks

The lights in machine inspector screen are all white, when I manually push them they turn green so Im assuming they are not bad.

When I hit unlock and then try to jog it will not move in any direction. this is when I try to home the machine and it gives me the error message.

Problem solved, thanks to Inventables Customer Services help. It was all in the firmware.

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