X & Z Homing not working, Z not moving during a carve

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I must admit your symptoms are a little “wierd” and we may need to ensure that all the normal parameters / operations are okay before we can nail this baby home :wink: It is also a possibility that your controller board is a dud. If that being the case, Inventables will get you straight I am sure.

First, les us establish a baseline:
Do all axes move the correct way / correct length?
If you issue a 10" jog command is the travel is indeed 10"? (You can enter custom jog values after clicking the Carve-button, in the Custom bow underneath the preset values)

1 - Easel LED-icons for homing switches - these turn green when you press them manually? If so the switches/wiring is okay and Easel respond to them. => Check that each axis can physically trigger the switches, there may be stop bolts that could interfere.
If these are lit green without any user input or any axis near the switches they are configured wrong. (Wired as NC vs NO)

2 - Your Z may have a scaling issue due to incorrect microstep setting (jog test above will test/verify) Do a 2" jog = a 2" travel?

Also verify that your controller board switch blocks match what Neil posted above. (Except switch #4 is best set to OFF on all three switch blocks, but this is unrelated to your issues)

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^^ This above is something that I hadn’t touched on the board, as I assumed the default settings were correct. I made all 3 of those switched match what you have here, and my machine started to actually carve.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 10.51.18 AM

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Hey Haldor, the axis all move correctly and smoothly. After the changes to the switches on the board that NeilFerreri offered, the machine did start to carve. The only issue I am still having is related to your first bullet point item that you talk about here. Only one of the switches light up green, even though they are all 3 wired the same. The strange thing is, in Machine inspector, only Y was lighting up green previously. Now after making that switch change on the board, X is lighting up green and Y and Z are not.

If you now connect switch Y & Z to the X outlet, do they register then?
This might give us a clue wether the wiring or switches are an issue.

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I will check on this later this evening when I get home form work, but what I can add to this now is that because the Y was working and X and Z were not, and then after I made the change to the switches on the board X started to work and Y and Z don’t, I’m inclined to think that the homing switches are not at fault, or the random switch between X and Y wouldn’t have happened. Also, the wiring wasn’t changed, it’s still what I am showing in the pictures above, which make me wonder if it could have anything more to do with the switches on the board itself, since that is the only thing that triggered X and Y from working/not working.

Wayne I sure hope Neil and Haldor dont make us look bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To late for that. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I would be inclined to concur with you on that. Disengage two of the three switch wires on the controller side and test each limit outlet seperately, using only one switch.

I would try to reach out to Inventables, they might offer a new controller board as “weird behaviour” usually indicate a faulty board. I still believe this could be the case.

I certainly hope I dont! :slight_smile:
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