x-Zero at the middle of my object

Hi All,

I just found easel and I already got what I searched for a long time …

I try to engrave pattern to a round object and this works fine, the only small issue I have is, that I would like to get the x-zero
in the middle of the object (maybe also y-axis).

So I could center the object and then zero the machine and start.
I know I could do this also by some math, but my objects are round and the center is easy to find.
thanks a lot Martin

You can set it where you want. Take a look at this video

I do this on production runs as well


wow . thanks a lot you made my day … or night :wink: already late here.

didn’t expected that you can mill outside the plate … but it works.

at least in theorie … engraving will be done soon.

As long as the design is centered over the preview X0 Y0 spot all you need to do is to assign that as your home position.
Easel home position = work zero

Easel preview X0Y0 (grid 0) = work zero = Easel home position.
This can be anywhere within the operating range of the machine.

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