Xbox.kills wifi

I have the same issue, but we have the xbox on the tv in the livingroom. We cut the cable tv cord about a year and a half ago. Dont miss it a bit. We watch hulu and netflix these days.
Today I was working in the shop and listening to pandora being streamed from the web. My wife came home from the store, said hi and went into the house. Our son shows up, then our daughter comes home from college for the weekend. Today is my wifes b-day.

As soon as that signal sucker went on I knew it. No more signal in the shop. The shop computer is about 75’ from the router in the house. It has always been this way and I have tried a signal transponder/booster/relay gizmo but no dice.
Since I dont care for Easel, and had vc pro before I got the Xcarve a stable signal isnt mandatory to run the machine. But one of these day I will probably end up springing for a higher power router.

Is it possible to plug an Ethernet cable into the Xbox? It’s faster than wireless, just depends where your router is located in relation to the Xbox.

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Yea I use an Ethernet for my Xbox and my computer in the the garage for my xcarve it’s way more reliable and you can buy a 100ft cable for around 10$ the hardest part is running out to the garage but most of the time you can pull up the side of the carpet and tuck the cored under the trim and push the carpet back completely unnoticeable​:+1::+1::ok_hand:

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Is it the bandwidth of your router or the bandwidth of your ISP plan?
If you had no problem connecting to your router before it’s not the signal just the bandwidth.
Either need a better router or upgrade your ISP plan.
I connect both in the house and in the shop at 300 Mbps with the router upstairs.
Wi-fi Analyser app by Keuwlsoft is a cool tool to test wi-fi speeds.

Mostly I think it’s just the underpowered router since when the kids are home, that’s when most of the trouble starts. Figure not only the xbox is on the system, so is the house computer, and 4 smarty phones,
I also took a look and the xbox is hardwired to the router after all. (my eldest set it up)

An ethernet cable out to the shop isnt workable since it’s a detached garage and would be alot of effort for the return and maintaining it would be more hassle than its worth with the weather exposure between the buildings.

I use WiFiAnalyzer by VREM on my phone to view channels. You can see which ones would be the least congested.

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