XC-1000 Near Vertical

New owner here! My parts are beginning to arrive and I’m beginning to investigate building my support structure. Anyone mount their Carve in a near vertical position like a panel saw? Obviously the weight of the axis moving vertically would need to be counter-balanced to achieve the net effect of it being in a horizontal position.

See any issues structurally for this installation?

Too many to count I would think based on the current design; it’s just not designed for that mounting position.

In my opinion the X-CARVE is just not designed to be operated while in that position. I know there are several people who have built folding tables to pull the X-CARVE up against the wall when not in use.

The best option would be to place the X-CARVE on a well built flat surface.



Excuse my ignorance, but aside from counter balancing the x-axis gantry the only issue I could think of would be the lack weight of the router pressing down into the work surface.

I was thinking of a similar setup at one point.

I dont really see any structural issues with the x-carve mounted in the vertical position

there are actually alot of machines on the market that are vertical machines

I would suggest using downcut tools and maybe a pressure foot

but this also really depends on what you are cutting some things work well in a vertical setup and some do not work so well