XC arrived - status report

Like many who are now receiving their delayed controllers, mine arrived yesterday and I hooked it all up.

I use a Mac+Safari and the steppers were all moving in the wrong direction from the instructions and pics in the assembly manual. No worries, I just swapped the green/black wires and it all works fine. I taped a sharpie to the spindle, taped some poster board to the table and ran a few test drawings at .01 depth.

The calibration appears spot on for the X/Y axis. Yay! I’ll check the Z later when I’m ready to carve some depth into something.

I think my V wheels are too tight. The circles and diagonal lines it draws have some wavy portions when the Y axis is moving and you can feel the machine ‘surging/vibrating/warbling’ (not sure which word is more accurate). I’ll adjust those tonight. I did buy some of the larger flanged centric nuts so I’ll replace the tiny little buggers with the larger ones. BTW, those round-headed hex screws SUCK! The heads strip super-easy. I’ll be replacing those with socket-head versions too.

Make sure the pots on the Xcontroller were setup. Those not being set right can cause issues.

I checked those when going through the assembly instructions, they seemed to be set correctly, but I did tweak them just a weeee little bit.

What “larger flanged essentric nuts” did you get. I noticed that the essentric spacers that came with my new 750xcarve digs into the side plate aluminium as I turn them to adjust which ain’t ideal in my view.

These are the larger spacers: http://openbuildspartstore.com/eccentric-spacer