XC Upgrade: Do I need the X-Controller?

I was looking at the X-Controller and like the all-in-one setup with easy connections, but now that’d I’ve done the ‘hard work’ of wiring my XC and soldering and setting it up, do I really need it? Will it give my system that much more that it can do? I just built a drawer for all my components (when adding the 3.8W laser) so can put it out of the way. No room for the X-Controller sideboard, so would have to mount under somewhere.

  • I am definitely interested in a z-probe option
  • I did do a basic X axis stiffening, but the wide makerslide is intriguing

Just trying to judge:

  • #1 - is the cost worth the added features for the XC Upgrade Kit?
  • #2 - is the time worth it with all the rewiring and setup?


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I think I read online that you had to reboot/reset your Arduino after doing the GRBL 1.0c update. Is that just unplug,replug? or pushing that putting on the gShield?

I just installed my A5 wire and ground and used the HexUploader (for mac) to install the GRBL1.0c hex but now can’t connect to it…

re-uploaded the grbl_10c_20161011.hex file using @paulkaplan’s HexUploader and looked to do the trick! Now recognize the machine and and did the machine setup and z-probe worked during the setup!

Thanks @PhilJohnson

(also, it now looks like you can just use Easel to update GRBL without having to use the HexUploader. next time…)

May or may not have done this a few times…

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just did my first test carve with the Z-Probe… had me like:

loved it! it was SO easy and overly pleased with the results! I’m hooked on probing… :neutral_face:

Thanks for the help on here on getting me setup!


Also, not sure if it’s a result of the wider makerslide, but I feel like my machine is a LOT quieter now!