XCarve 1000 on Linux (Help and suggestions)

Okay, the XCarve is built and I’m ready to go. I have a few questions though.
First, Linux users… What are you using? I have a 3D printer and the dedicated computer is running arch Linux. My old CNC was using LinuxCNC (EMC2) and I was really happy with that, but it was over parallel. I want to stay with technology and use USB. I tested Grbl and it seems okay, but the motors seem a little slower and they seem to lock up when moving longer distances. I also tested the XCarve with Pronterface(the 3D printing software) and it seemed to move without seizing up. I’m not sure if my vwheels are too tight or if it’s Grbl. So, what is everyone using to power their XCarve?

Will LinuxCNC work over USB now? It’s been a few years since I’ve used it.

Is Grbl the best option over LinuxCNC if the USB won’t work?

Are their other options that are worth looking into?

I don’t think that Pronterface will work with CNC operations becuase it’s looking for a temperature for the hotend of a 3D printer… CNC’s don’t have that… Or am I overlooking something?

Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated.


I’m running my X-Carve under Linuxcnc with a Gecko G540 controller. Set up was a bit fiddly but all sorted now. No problems at all with motor speed/power. Let me know if you want the LinuxCNC configuration files.
I’m planning (one day) to make an Arduino shield that will connect to the Gecko so I can use grbl and Easel.

You can’t use a USB solution under Linuxcnc, it has to be a parallel port or a PCI based I/O board such as the Mesa

Well, that answers my first question. I have the arduino controller with the gShield from Inventables. The only upgrade I would make is a SmoothieBoard. So, for now, I will stick with grbl. It sucks that LinuxCNC doesn’t work over USB.

I need to tweek Grbl. So, is there anyone out there using the arduino board with Grbl in Linux and has any suggestions?