XCarve 1000 x 1000 GRBL ALARM REPORT PicSender

I am using Xcarve inch Post Processor to send my gcode from Vcarve Pro and just want to start usling PicSender and get this message on the send command.
GRBL ALARM REPORT - error Unsupported command - G0 Z0.8000

any ideas also using Larry’s Multi-Mode 1.0c

Sorry if this has been covered before.

Is there a T1 M6 (tool change command) at the beginning of the file? If so, remove it and try sending again.

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yes there was and when removed PicSender ran the code. Why does this happen because UGS was no issue before. Just wondering if now using Picsender I will always have to edit the code?

GRBL does not support tool change commands and PicSender will report all errors from grbl. There must be a PP that is compadible with grbl that does not add the tool change command at the beginning of the file.

UGS must be ignoring the error report from grbl.


Thanks for the reply. Interesting though because the PP is from Inventables themselves. Maybe its an old version or something.

Thanks again.

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Thanks Phil, just did that. Now have to wait to test it out. Running a long 3D finish tool path.

This is an area where Inventables falls a little short of ideal.


Yea, especially if the machine isn’t capable of tool changes. Oh well I edited the PP file and took out that line.

Thanks for all the help folks.