XCARVE 1000mm For Sale Southern California

I have the 1000mm XCARVE for sale in Huntington Beach, CA. Used maybe 4-5 times. Completely assembled and ready to go. I just pre-ordered the GlowForge because laser will do much better for what I want than milling so the XCARVE has gotta go. It is the Fully Loaded 1000mm. Would like $1200 for it and I am firm on that. Will ship as well but prefer local pickup. If shipped I will charge exact shipping costs plus packaging costs. Will probably just take to UPS and have them package and ship it for me. Can ship out same business day.

I listed it for sale a couple weeks back and got tons of calls but I really wasn’t ready to commit to sell. Now that I have paid for a new GlowForge this thing is going to the first person ready to buy.


I’m not a buyer, but I put comment to spread it over this Forum.
By the way, I fell in love with GlowForge first time I saw. Good buy. Now another waiting time starts for you. Good luck.

Which spindle and mount do you have? How much does it weigh? Curious what the shipping would be to 43224?

Hi @Moccabee Glad to see another Ohio Person! im up in Toledo but from grove city. Irrelevant to topic but if you ever wanna stop up and “try before you buy” hit me up!

Thanks @Frosty, I don’t make it up to the Toledo area much since I changed jobs. I am really looking for an already built X-Carve. Not much free time for me currently to actually put one together, and with my limited electrical experience it would probably take a lot longer to work out any issues that might arise.

i totally understand, it took me about 20 hours to assemble. You’ll be first to know if i give up on it, HAH! The learning curve is a hard one.

@MatthewSchubert good luck with the sale. I’m just finally getting my 1000mm running right (in Venice) and ended up ordering a Glowforge this too. That was a hard one to pass up at the pre-sale price! I have a feeling I’ll be in your same position whenever the GF gets here.

Is this still for sale?

In this still for sale?

Yes, still for sale


What are the specs? How much are you asking?

Shoot me an email and I will forward over my original receipt with all specs included. Asking $1200


still available