Xcarve 1000mm for sale with Freud bits and others/Testing Water

Been thinking to sell my 1000mm Xcarve with all the bits and accessories. If shipped I would probably say no waste board due to shipping cost but if pickup you can get it. Bits I have would be a wide range and also a new set of Freud 8 Piece CNC Router Bit General Purpose Set. will come with the Xcontroller, clamp set, dust collection port, hose and hanging arm. PM me if interested, not sure on a price yet. Just testing the water with this.

Atlanta Georgia area

Any questions please ask

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Location and price?

Im in the Atlanta are.

Price I am not sure, literally testing the waters. If interested PM me.

I got your message but it didn’t send. I’m still interested

If it’s in good shape. And the price is right. Why are you selling it?

I think we spoke before and you had someone coming for it.

Please use my email to correspond I can not reply to from your emails through this forum.

If it is still available, I am interested. Just got on the forums here and not sure how to PM. Hard to give an offer with no pics, age, condition, description, etc. Don’t want to low ball but don’t want to offer a “fair” price and end up paying too much for sub-par condition equipment either. I am about 2 hours away in South Carolina.

Hey is this still available? What about price I am in the atl area

is this still for sale?
thank you.

Hey Kenny,
Is this still available for sale?
Thanks Paul

Yes it is still available. Sorry had a few thingscome up o during covid. . I just flattened the spoil board and added some t track. I turned the waste board around to use it from the other side. Didnt want to pay $150 for a new board. It’s in good condition. Cuts well

pm sent

Feel free to email me tbcar@usa.com

Email sent

yes the xcarve is still available.

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