XCARVE 1000mm new in box Tampa FL

1000mm X-Carve For Sale in Tampa, FL. DeWalt 611, Limit Switches, NEMA 23, 1/4 and 1/8 collets, new in box


Have you sold this yet?

Bump to the top. New price $1100 or best offer. Need it gone!.

is that for shipping to.

do you want to sell this.

Shipping would be extra. If I remember correctly the shipping was around $150 when I ordered it from inventables

how old is it. thanks

New in the box, not built. I ordered it in November 2015.

ok.there has been a lot of updates to them since then. I would be willing to make you an offer. thanks

Yes they have a update kit which only does 3 things for the machine. There is a strengthening bar which is $50 the addition of the side board for the electronics which is $80 and the z-probe $29 in which all 3 are not needed.

Whats your offer?

I would give you 1000.00 shipped. thanks

I would do $1050 shipped

can you send me a couple pictures so I know you have it and do you accept paypal. thanks wayne

I can send my email if you would rather send the pictures there. thanks

Ok send me your email. I wont be home for a few hours. I will send the pictures then.

send them to wjhall7674@embarqmail.com thanks