Xcarve 3D cutting question

Hopefully the picture loads.
Can anyone tell me if I’m missing something here - if you look at the back two legs of the deer there are two deep holes that I can’t seem to get rid of. The holes get dropped in during the rough cut. Material thickness is 0.75", the shape ht is 0.125" and the base ht is 0.5". I’ve tried various changes to the component properties but nothing has worked.
Thank you

I had a similar thing, but my object actually had holes going through it. So, I had to import it into a stl editor and add a block covering the entire base (sized to below the lowest portion of the 3d component) and joined the 2 components together (the new block and the original art).

Thanks Mike, I’ll try that.

Lol - I’ll try a smaller rough cut bit or carve without the rough cut and see how that works. I bought a 0.125" tapered ball nose after you recommended it - best bit I have. I’ll order a 1mm tapered ball nose. Do I need the 0.25" shank or will my 0.25" collet hold a 6mm shank. Not sure with a 0.014" difference in size.
Thank you

Thank you Robert!

Thank you Phil. I’ll get a 1mm bit headed my way. I appreciate the help.

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I watch it once but didn’t see the hole issue I experienced. Probably should have watched it twice. I like that collection of 3D images.

Can I ask what settings did you use when adding the .1 tapered ball nose? I don’t see an option for that bit type when adding a custom bit. Thanks

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The OP is using vectric, i assume youre also using vectric…

This is how you enter tapered ball bits into vectric tool database.

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Jon here’s a little more help

How to add a Form Tool to your Vectric Software - YouTube

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