XCarve 750mm For Sale

XCarve 750mm for sale. Under ten hours ran on the machine. Purchased doubles of mostly everything which is nice because if something breaks or wears out, you already have the part to replace it. The components are all brand new never used including all the smalls (VWheels, nuts, screws, plates, washers, belts, threaded rod, basically everything on the inventables website under components/everything for machine assembly), spindle mount, stepper motors, homing switch kit, new router still in box(original included as well). Wasteboard has very little wear and tear, also comes with a full set of new threaded inserts. Can’t beat doubles of everything. Comes with all accessories, clamping set, calipers, wrenches and some of the original sample materials.

I have 40 brand new never used bits as well. Amana, Harvey, Bits and Bits, Eagle America, Xedge are the brands. All assortments including, flattening bits, spiral, upcut/downcut, compression, engraving, 3D, ball nose, bits for cutting plastic, aluminum, and foam and many more. The 40 bits alone are worth 1600 alone. I’d be willing to sell these separate from the machine but would like to keep together. I’ll give a deal if all purchased.

I’d like to get 1700-1800 for the machine seeing as it comes with 2 of mostly everything. And the bits I would do 1200. I’ll give a deal bits and machine are bought together. Make me an offer and I’ll try to work something out.

Message me if you want more info or pics. Or email me at dominic.d.vince@gmail.com. I am open to shipping but would like to find someone somewhat local. From Detroit Michigan area