Xcarve accuracy is confusing me

I have the original xcarve from when it was the pre-order and besides changing the x axis rail to a single extrusion ( i did it before inventables sold theirs) and changed all my fasteners to stainless steal ( every single one of them)

anyway I didnt have a problem before untill i decided to upgrade to grbl 1.1 to realize that chilipeppr wasnt playing nice with that version of grbl, so i went back to grbl 0.9J and now i have accuracy problems, before i did the update my settings in grbl were stock $100= 40 $101=40 $102=188.978 ( or something like that, point is i never changed them) and i had no problems, i was able to cut a 1inch cube to a .002 accuracy which was good enough for me.)

now with grbl 0.9J im having accuracy issues, i did a 1 inch cube, a 1 inch circle, and a 1 inch cube at a 45 degree angle ( a diamond) to see the same in-accuracy on all axis’s. they all come up at 1.05 inchs. (1.047 to be exact in both x and y axis). so i checked my belts, checked all the usual stuff and made sure the machine was square and everything was tightened up. then i started to adjust the steps per inch ( steps per mm whichever you prefer) and i was using a steel ruler i took out of a combination square ( I would expect it to be pretty accurate) and what I noticed when i ran the machine ( in the x axis) is that if i ran the machine 10 inchs the machine would come short by about a bit less then 1/32 inch. so i proceeded to adjust the steps per inch and got $100=40.5 and $101=40.5 to be exactly 10 inch travel and ran the test cut again to find that my accuracy problems worsened. was getting 1.057 inchs now ( in both x and y axis).

I dont understand how i have this issue even though i have everything square and calibrated and its not cutting accurate. anyone have any ideas of what im missing? Im usually pretty good at figuring out where something but this has completely thrown me off, my bit ive been using is 1/4 inch (.24inchs to be exact), I usually use inventor pro with HSM pro for the Cam and use Chilipeppr as the gcode sender, All my cam settings are right, no stock to leave, tolerance is set to .004 inchs, cutting with a dewalt 611 at the lowest speed, cutting at 60 inchs per minute ( i have tried lowering to 30 and i get the same result) and i have also tried doing the same test cut in easel and i get the same result. could it be the grbl shield failing? i am having problems when homing, the X axis doesnt always home but the Y and Z are just fine. But i cant see this being the issue. other then accuracy, the machine works just fine, i dont have failed carves, it doesnt miss steps, it doesnt chatter ( even with heavy cuts, .25 inchs depth at 60 inchs a min

Can someone please help me figure this out, its bugging me and makes me tempted on purchasing a new controller to see if it fixes the issue i will upload the test file i made and if someone can try it to see if they get the same result or different results in chilipeppr or UGS ( the NC file will not work with easel)Calibration 2.nc (8.3 KB)

Well i feel like an idiot, I went back to work on my xcarve and went through my gcode settings to find that stock to leave was turned on, now I get 1.001 across the x and y axis, im pretty happy with that, this is still on stock grbl settings, im sure i can still tweak it but for now very happy with the results,

although i a getting weird results on the diamond, the square comes out perfect on x and y, the circle comes out the same, but the diamond comes up a bit larger on one side then the other, its .994 inchs on one side and 1.016 on the other side, dont know what this could be either, maybe now i will adjust the steps per mm? even though the x and why are coming almost spot on? dont wanna mess with the settings for just .001 inchs in x and y. even though its getting .016 on the diamond.