Xcarve and jtec laser problems

So i got the laser installed. used the gcode of the thumps up and ran in UGS and ran fine

i do see some dotted type lines
so then i made in vcarve pro just letters Bill, used my madeup laser tool. and used all 3 grbl pp from jtext the GRBL the GRBL no Z and the GRBL dynamic m4 no z. none worked right they just kind of made a light outline with strong burns on top and bottom.


and here is from my gcode

M03 S0
G1F30.0 M4 S12000
G1X12.5530Y8.6632F6000.0 M4 S12000
G1X13.2941Y8.5543 M4 S12000
G1X14.0303Y8.4890 M4 S12000
G1X14.7617Y8.4673 M4 S12000
G1X15.3283Y8.4837 M4 S12000
G1X15.8601Y8.5330 M4 S12000
G1X16.3572Y8.6151 M4 S12000
G1X16.8197Y8.7301 M4 S12000
G1X17.2475Y8.8780 M4 S12000
G1X17.6407Y9.0588 M4 S12000
G1X17.9991Y9.2724 M4 S12000
G1X18.3229Y9.5188 M4 S12000
G1X18.6102Y9.7895 M4 S12000
G1X18.8591Y10.0757 M4 S12000
G1X19.0698Y10.3774 M4 S12000
G1X19.2422Y10.6946 M4 S12000
G1X19.3763Y11.0273 M4 S12000
G1X19.4720Y11.3756 M4 S12000
G1X19.5295Y11.7394 M4 S12000
G1X19.5486Y12.1187 M4 S12000
G1X19.5400Y12.3723 M4 S12000
G1X19.5140Y12.6235 M4 S12000
G1X19.4706Y12.8723 M4 S12000
G1X19.4099Y13.1187 M4 S12000
G1X19.3319Y13.3626 M4 S12000
G1X19.2365Y13.6041 M4 S12000
G1X19.1239Y13.8432 M4 S12000
G1X18.9938Y14.0799 M4 S12000
G1X18.8442Y14.3091 M4 S12000
G1X18.6729Y14.5259 M4 S12000
G1X18.4797Y14.7301 M4 S12000
G1X18.2648Y14.9218 M4 S12000
G1X18.0281Y15.1010 M4 S12000
G1X17.7697Y15.2678 M4 S12000
G1X17.4894Y15.4220 M4 S12000
G1X17.1874Y15.5637 M4 S12000
G1X16.8653Y15.6907 M4 S12000
G1X16.5246Y15.8008 M4 S12000
G1X16.1653Y15.8939 M4 S12000
G1X15.7875Y15.9701 M4 S12000
G1X15.3912Y16.0294 M4 S12000
G1X14.9763Y16.0718 M4 S12000
G1X14.5428Y16.0972 M4 S12000
G1X14.0908Y16.1056 M4 S12000
G1X13.3489Y16.0992 M4 S12000
G1X12.7231Y16.0798 M4 S12000
G1X12.2102Y16.0443 M4 S12000
G1X11.8070Y15.9895 M4 S12000
G1Y8.8156 M4 S12000
M04 S0
G1F30.0 M4 S12000
G1X13.5408Y17.0072F6000.0 M4 S12000
G1X14.2456Y16.9959 M4 S12000
G1X15.1291Y17.0213 M4 S12000
G1X15.5269Y17.0531 M4 S12000
G1X15.8956Y17.0975 M4 S12000
G1X16.2350Y17.1547 M4 S12000
G1X16.5451Y17.2245 M4 S12000
G1X16.8261Y17.3071 M4 S12000
G1X17.0778Y17.4023 M4 S12000
G1X17.3079Y17.5107 M4 S12000
G1X17.5241Y17.6326 M4 S12000
G1X17.7264Y17.7680 M4 S12000
G1X17.9148Y17.9168 M4 S12000
G1X18.0893Y18.0792 M4 S12000
G1X18.2499Y18.2551 M4 S12000
G1X18.3966Y18.4445 M4 S12000
G1X18.5293Y18.6474 M4 S12000
G1X18.6473Y18.8595 M4 S12000
G1X18.7495Y19.0765 M4 S12000
G1X18.8360Y19.2982 M4 S12000
G1X18.9067Y19.5248 M4 S12000
G1X18.9618Y19.7563 M4 S12000
G1X19.0011Y19.9926 M4 S12000
G1X19.0247Y20.2337 M4 S12000
G1X19.0325Y20.4796 M4 S12000
G1X19.0130Y20.8564 M4 S12000
G1X18.9543Y21.2191 M4 S12000
G1X18.8565Y21.5677 M4 S12000
G1X18.7196Y21.9021 M4 S12000
G1X18.5436Y22.2225 M4 S12000
G1X18.3285Y22.5287 M4 S12000
G1X18.0743Y22.8209 M4 S12000
G1X17.7810Y23.0989 M4 S12000
G1X17.4501Y23.3529 M4 S12000
G1X17.0834Y23.5730 M4 S12000
G1X16.6808Y23.7593 M4 S12000
G1X16.2423Y23.9117 M4 S12000
G1X15.7680Y24.0303 M4 S12000
G1X15.2577Y24.1149 M4 S12000
G1X14.7115Y24.1658 M4 S12000
G1X14.1295Y24.1827 M4 S12000
G1X13.5005Y24.1649 M4 S12000
G1X12.9038Y24.1117 M4 S12000
G1X12.3393Y24.0230 M4 S12000
G1X11.8070Y23.8988 M4 S12000
G1Y17.1765 M4 S12000
G1X12.3183Y17.0975 M4 S12000
G1X12.8973Y17.0411 M4 S12000
M04 S0
G1F30.0 M4 S12000
G1X19.0085Y16.3758F6000.0 M4 S12000
G1X19.4204Y16.2572 M4 S12000
G1X19.8037Y16.1242 M4 S12000
G1X20.1583Y15.9766 M4 S12000
G1X20.4843Y15.8145 M4 S12000
G1X20.7816Y15.6379 M4 S12000
G1X21.0504Y15.4468 M4 S12000
G1X21.2905Y15.2411 M4 S12000
G1X21.5838Y14.9361 M4 S12000
G1X21.8380Y14.6146 M4 S12000
G1X22.0532Y14.2765 M4 S12000
G1X22.2292Y13.9219 M4 S12000
G1X22.3660Y13.5507 M4 S12000
G1X22.4638Y13.1630 M4 S12000
G1X22.5225Y12.7588 M4 S12000
G1X22.5420Y12.3381 M4 S12000
G1X22.5291Y12.0140 M4 S12000
G1X22.4904Y11.6933 M4 S12000
G1X22.4259Y11.3761 M4 S12000
G1X22.3356Y11.0623 M4 S12000
G1X22.2195Y10.7519 M4 S12000
G1X22.0776Y10.4450 M4 S12000
G1X21.9098Y10.1415 M4 S12000
G1X21.7163Y9.8414 M4 S12000
G1X21.5003Y9.5531 M4 S12000
G1X21.2651Y9.2850 M4 S12000
G1X21.0108Y9.0370 M4 S12000
G1X20.7373Y8.8092 M4 S12000
G1X20.4447Y8.6015 M4 S12000
G1X20.1329Y8.4140 M4 S12000
G1X19.8019Y8.2467 M4 S12000
G1X19.4519Y8.0995 M4 S12000
G1X19.0685Y7.9710 M4 S12000
G1X18.6378Y7.8596 M4 S12000
G1X18.1597Y7.7654 M4 S12000
G1X17.6342Y7.6883 M4 S12000
G1X17.0613Y7.6283 M4 S12000
G1X16.4411Y7.5854 M4 S12000
G1X15.7735Y7.5597 M4 S12000
G1X15.0585Y7.5512 M4 S12000
G1X6.8008 M4 S12000
G1Y8.0286 M4 S12000
G1X7.4588 M4 S12000
G1X7.7233Y8.0395 M4 S12000
G1X7.9685Y8.0721 M4 S12000
G1X8.1943Y8.1265 M4 S12000
G1X8.4007Y8.2028 M4 S12000
G1X8.5878Y8.3007 M4 S12000
G1X8.7556Y8.4205 M4 S12000
G1X8.9039Y8.5620 M4 S12000
G1X9.0330Y8.7253 M4 S12000
G1X9.1025Y8.8541 M4 S12000
G1X9.1628Y9.0148 M4 S12000
G1X9.2138Y9.2073 M4 S12000
G1X9.2555Y9.4317 M4 S12000
G1X9.3112Y9.9761 M4 S12000
G1X9.3297Y10.6478 M4 S12000
G1Y21.9505 M4 S12000
G1X9.3063Y22.6884 M4 S12000
G1X9.2771Y23.0011 M4 S12000
G1X9.2362Y23.2763 M4 S12000
G1X9.1836Y23.5140 M4 S12000
G1X9.1193Y23.7142 M4 S12000
G1X9.0432Y23.8769 M4 S12000
G1X8.9556Y24.0021 M4 S12000
G1X8.8221Y24.1351 M4 S12000
G1X8.6733Y24.2504 M4 S12000
G1X8.5092Y24.3480 M4 S12000
G1X8.3298Y24.4278 M4 S12000
G1X8.1350Y24.4899 M4 S12000
G1X7.9250Y24.5343 M4 S12000
G1X7.6996Y24.5609 M4 S12000
G1X7.4588Y24.5698 M4 S12000
G1X6.8008 M4 S12000
G1Y25.0472 M4 S12000
G1X14.3618 M4 S12000
G1X15.3674Y25.0278 M4 S12000
G1X16.2681Y24.9698 M4 S12000
G1X17.0641Y24.8730 M4 S12000
G1X17.7552Y24.7375 M4 S12000
G1X18.2247Y24.6102 M4 S12000
G1X18.6656Y24.4605 M4 S12000
G1X19.0779Y24.2884 M4 S12000
G1X19.4615Y24.0940 M4 S12000
G1X19.8166Y23.8772 M4 S12000
G1X20.1430Y23.6380 M4 S12000
G1X20.4407Y23.3764 M4 S12000
G1X20.7099Y23.0924 M4 S12000
G1X20.9488Y22.7917 M4 S12000
G1X21.1558Y22.4799 M4 S12000
G1X21.3310Y22.1571 M4 S12000
G1X21.4744Y21.8231 M4 S12000
G1X21.5858Y21.4781 M4 S12000
G1X21.6655Y21.1219 M4 S12000
G1X21.7133Y20.7547 M4 S12000
G1X21.7292Y20.3764 M4 S12000
G1X21.7167Y20.0517 M4 S12000
G1X21.6792Y19.7357 M4 S12000
G1X21.6167Y19.4284 M4 S12000
G1X21.5292Y19.1297 M4 S12000
G1X21.4167Y18.8397 M4 S12000
G1X21.2792Y18.5583 M4 S12000
G1X21.1167Y18.2857 M4 S12000
G1X20.9292Y18.0217 M4 S12000
G1X20.7173Y17.7704 M4 S12000
G1X20.4817Y17.5358 M4 S12000
G1X20.2222Y17.3180 M4 S12000
G1X19.9389Y17.1169 M4 S12000
G1X19.6319Y16.9325 M4 S12000
G1X19.3011Y16.7649 M4 S12000
G1X18.9464Y16.6140 M4 S12000
G1X18.5680Y16.4798 M4 S12000
M04 S0
G1F30.0 M4 S12000
G1X28.3224Y19.7184F6000.0 M4 S12000
G1X28.8902 M4 S12000
G1Y10.2220 M4 S12000
G1X28.9002Y9.7136 M4 S12000
G1X28.9305Y9.2979 M4 S12000
G1X28.9809Y8.9749 M4 S12000
G1X29.0514Y8.7447 M4 S12000
G1X29.1418Y8.5725 M4 S12000
G1X29.2514Y8.4237 M4 S12000
G1X29.3805Y8.2983 M4 S12000
G1X29.5288Y8.1963 M4 S12000
G1X29.7196Y8.1173 M4 S12000
G1X29.9756Y8.0608 M4 S12000
G1X30.2969Y8.0270 M4 S12000
G1X30.6836Y8.0157 M4 S12000
G1Y7.5512 M4 S12000
G1X24.9419 M4 S12000
G1Y8.0157 M4 S12000
G1X25.3387Y8.0261 M4 S12000
G1X25.6645Y8.0576 M4 S12000
G1X25.9193Y8.1100 M4 S12000
G1X26.1032Y8.1834 M4 S12000
G1X26.2439Y8.2810 M4 S12000
G1X26.3693Y8.4060 M4 S12000
G1X26.4794Y8.5584 M4 S12000
G1X26.5741Y8.7382 M4 S12000
G1X26.6503Y8.9761 M4 S12000
G1X26.7048Y9.3027 M4 S12000
G1X26.7374Y9.7180 M4 S12000
G1X26.7483Y10.2220 M4 S12000
G1Y14.7767 M4 S12000
G1X26.7411Y15.6532 M4 S12000
G1X26.7193Y16.3605 M4 S12000
G1X26.6830Y16.8983 M4 S12000
G1X26.6322Y17.2669 M4 S12000
G1X26.5806Y17.4576 M4 S12000
G1X26.5161Y17.6168 M4 S12000
G1X26.4387Y17.7447 M4 S12000
G1X26.3483Y17.8410 M4 S12000
G1X26.2427Y17.9116 M4 S12000
G1X26.1193Y17.9620 M4 S12000
G1X25.9782Y17.9922 M4 S12000
G1X25.8193Y18.0023 M4 S12000
G1X25.6290Y17.9902 M4 S12000
G1X25.4193Y17.9539 M4 S12000
G1X25.1903Y17.8935 M4 S12000
G1X24.9419Y17.8088 M4 S12000
G1X24.7613Y18.2733 M4 S12000
M04 S0
G1F30.0 M4 S12000
G1X27.0935Y23.4972F6000.0 M4 S12000
G1X26.8902Y23.6666 M4 S12000
G1X26.7209Y23.8698 M4 S12000
G1X26.5999Y24.0924 M4 S12000
G1X26.5274Y24.3343 M4 S12000
G1X26.5032Y24.5956 M4 S12000
G1X26.5270Y24.8564 M4 S12000
G1X26.5983Y25.0972 M4 S12000
G1X26.7173Y25.3177 M4 S12000
G1X26.8838Y25.5181 M4 S12000
G1X27.0850Y25.6846 M4 S12000
G1X27.3080Y25.8036 M4 S12000
G1X27.5527Y25.8750 M4 S12000
G1X27.8192Y25.8987 M4 S12000
G1X28.0801Y25.8750 M4 S12000
G1X28.3208Y25.8036 M4 S12000
G1X28.5414Y25.6846 M4 S12000
G1X28.7418Y25.5181 M4 S12000
G1X28.9083Y25.3177 M4 S12000
G1X29.0272Y25.0972 M4 S12000
G1X29.0986Y24.8564 M4 S12000
G1X29.1224Y24.5956 M4 S12000
G1X29.0986Y24.3343 M4 S12000
G1X29.0272Y24.0924 M4 S12000
G1X28.9083Y23.8698 M4 S12000
G1X28.7418Y23.6666 M4 S12000
G1X28.5414Y23.4972 M4 S12000
G1X28.3208Y23.3763 M4 S12000
G1X28.0801Y23.3037 M4 S12000
G1X27.8192Y23.2795 M4 S12000
G1X27.5580Y23.3037 M4 S12000
G1X27.3160Y23.3763 M4 S12000
M04 S0
G1F30.0 M4 S12000
G1X35.6382Y25.8987F6000.0 M4 S12000
G1X36.2189 M4 S12000
G1Y10.2220 M4 S12000
G1X36.2289Y9.7140 M4 S12000
G1X36.2592Y9.2995 M4 S12000
G1X36.3096Y8.9785 M4 S12000
G1X36.3801Y8.7511 M4 S12000
G1X36.4717Y8.5814 M4 S12000
G1X36.5850Y8.4334 M4 S12000
G1X36.7201Y8.3072 M4 S12000
G1X36.8769Y8.2028 M4 S12000
G1X37.0809Y8.1209 M4 S12000
G1X37.3575Y8.0624 M4 S12000
G1X37.7067Y8.0274 M4 S12000
G1X38.1285Y8.0157 M4 S12000
G1Y7.5512 M4 S12000
G1X32.3352 M4 S12000
G1Y8.0157 M4 S12000
G1X32.7093Y8.0261 M4 S12000
G1X33.0190Y8.0576 M4 S12000
G1X33.2642Y8.1100 M4 S12000
G1X33.4448Y8.1834 M4 S12000
G1X33.5851Y8.2810 M4 S12000
G1X33.7093Y8.4060 M4 S12000
G1X33.8174Y8.5584 M4 S12000
G1X33.9093Y8.7382 M4 S12000
G1X33.9827Y8.9761 M4 S12000
G1X34.0351Y9.3027 M4 S12000
G1X34.0665Y9.7180 M4 S12000
G1X34.0770Y10.2220 M4 S12000
G1Y20.9570 M4 S12000
G1X34.0544Y22.5715 M4 S12000
G1X34.0262Y23.0896 M4 S12000
G1X33.9867Y23.4150 M4 S12000
G1X33.9347Y23.6259 M4 S12000
G1X33.8690Y23.8004 M4 S12000
G1X33.7895Y23.9387 M4 S12000
G1X33.6964Y24.0408 M4 S12000
G1X33.5895Y24.1141 M4 S12000
G1X33.4690Y24.1666 M4 S12000
G1X33.3347Y24.1980 M4 S12000
G1X33.1867Y24.2085 M4 S12000
G1X33.0077Y24.1956 M4 S12000
G1X32.8061Y24.1569 M4 S12000
G1X32.5819Y24.0924 M4 S12000
G1X32.3352Y24.0021 M4 S12000
G1X32.1158Y24.4536 M4 S12000
M04 S0
G1F30.0 M4 S12000
G1X42.9799Y25.8987F6000.0 M4 S12000
G1X43.5605 M4 S12000
G1Y10.2220 M4 S12000
G1X43.5706Y9.7140 M4 S12000
G1X43.6008Y9.2995 M4 S12000
G1X43.6512Y8.9785 M4 S12000
G1X43.7218Y8.7511 M4 S12000
G1X43.8133Y8.5814 M4 S12000
G1X43.9266Y8.4334 M4 S12000
G1X44.0617Y8.3072 M4 S12000
G1X44.2185Y8.2028 M4 S12000
G1X44.4225Y8.1209 M4 S12000
G1X44.6991Y8.0624 M4 S12000
G1X45.0483Y8.0274 M4 S12000
G1X45.4701Y8.0157 M4 S12000
G1Y7.5512 M4 S12000
G1X39.6768 M4 S12000
G1Y8.0157 M4 S12000
G1X40.0509Y8.0261 M4 S12000
G1X40.3606Y8.0576 M4 S12000
G1X40.6058Y8.1100 M4 S12000
G1X40.7864Y8.1834 M4 S12000
G1X40.9267Y8.2810 M4 S12000
G1X41.0509Y8.4060 M4 S12000
G1X41.1590Y8.5584 M4 S12000
G1X41.2509Y8.7382 M4 S12000
G1X41.3243Y8.9761 M4 S12000
G1X41.3767Y9.3027 M4 S12000
G1X41.4081Y9.7180 M4 S12000
G1X41.4186Y10.2220 M4 S12000
G1Y20.9570 M4 S12000
G1X41.3961Y22.5715 M4 S12000
G1X41.3678Y23.0896 M4 S12000
G1X41.3283Y23.4150 M4 S12000
G1X41.2763Y23.6259 M4 S12000
G1X41.2106Y23.8004 M4 S12000
G1X41.1311Y23.9387 M4 S12000
G1X41.0380Y24.0408 M4 S12000
G1X40.9312Y24.1141 M4 S12000
G1X40.8106Y24.1666 M4 S12000
G1X40.6763Y24.1980 M4 S12000
G1X40.5283Y24.2085 M4 S12000
G1X40.3493Y24.1956 M4 S12000
G1X40.1477Y24.1569 M4 S12000
G1X39.9235Y24.0924 M4 S12000
G1X39.6768Y24.0021 M4 S12000
G1X39.4574Y24.4536 M4 S12000
M04 S0
M04 S0

here is another gcode using different PP

M03 S0
G1Z-0.0254F30.0 S12000M3
G1X12.5530Y8.6632F6000.0 S12000M3
G1X13.2941Y8.5543 S12000
G1X14.0303Y8.4890 S12000
G1X14.7617Y8.4673 S12000
G1X15.3283Y8.4837 S12000
G1X15.8601Y8.5330 S12000
G1X16.3572Y8.6151 S12000
G1X16.8197Y8.7301 S12000
G1X17.2475Y8.8780 S12000
G1X17.6407Y9.0588 S12000
G1X17.9991Y9.2724 S12000
G1X18.3229Y9.5188 S12000
G1X18.6102Y9.7895 S12000
G1X18.8591Y10.0757 S12000
G1X19.0698Y10.3774 S12000
G1X19.2422Y10.6946 S12000
G1X19.3763Y11.0273 S12000
G1X19.4720Y11.3756 S12000
G1X19.5295Y11.7394 S12000
G1X19.5486Y12.1187 S12000
G1X19.5400Y12.3723 S12000
G1X19.5140Y12.6235 S12000
G1X19.4706Y12.8723 S12000
G1X19.4099Y13.1187 S12000
G1X19.3319Y13.3626 S12000
G1X19.2365Y13.6041 S12000
G1X19.1239Y13.8432 S12000
G1X18.9938Y14.0799 S12000
G1X18.8442Y14.3091 S12000
G1X18.6729Y14.5259 S12000
G1X18.4797Y14.7301 S12000
G1X18.2648Y14.9218 S12000
G1X18.0281Y15.1010 S12000
G1X17.7697Y15.2678 S12000
G1X17.4894Y15.4220 S12000
G1X17.1874Y15.5637 S12000
G1X16.8653Y15.6907 S12000
G1X16.5246Y15.8008 S12000
G1X16.1653Y15.8939 S12000
G1X15.7875Y15.9701 S12000
G1X15.3912Y16.0294 S12000
G1X14.9763Y16.0718 S12000
G1X14.5428Y16.0972 S12000
G1X14.0908Y16.1056 S12000
G1X13.3489Y16.0992 S12000
G1X12.7231Y16.0798 S12000
G1X12.2102Y16.0443 S12000
G1X11.8070Y15.9895 S12000
G1Y8.8156 S12000
M03 S0
G1Z-0.0254F30.0 S12000M3
G1X13.5408Y17.0072F6000.0 S12000M3
G1X14.2456Y16.9959 S12000
G1X15.1291Y17.0213 S12000
G1X15.5269Y17.0531 S12000
G1X15.8956Y17.0975 S12000
G1X16.2350Y17.1547 S12000
G1X16.5451Y17.2245 S12000
G1X16.8261Y17.3071 S12000
G1X17.0778Y17.4023 S12000
G1X17.3079Y17.5107 S12000
G1X17.5241Y17.6326 S12000
G1X17.7264Y17.7680 S12000
G1X17.9148Y17.9168 S12000
G1X18.0893Y18.0792 S12000
G1X18.2499Y18.2551 S12000
G1X18.3966Y18.4445 S12000
G1X18.5293Y18.6474 S12000
G1X18.6473Y18.8595 S12000
G1X18.7495Y19.0765 S12000
G1X18.8360Y19.2982 S12000
G1X18.9067Y19.5248 S12000
G1X18.9618Y19.7563 S12000
G1X19.0011Y19.9926 S12000
G1X19.0247Y20.2337 S12000
G1X19.0325Y20.4796 S12000
G1X19.0130Y20.8564 S12000
G1X18.9543Y21.2191 S12000
G1X18.8565Y21.5677 S12000
G1X18.7196Y21.9021 S12000
G1X18.5436Y22.2225 S12000
G1X18.3285Y22.5287 S12000
G1X18.0743Y22.8209 S12000
G1X17.7810Y23.0989 S12000
G1X17.4501Y23.3529 S12000
G1X17.0834Y23.5730 S12000
G1X16.6808Y23.7593 S12000
G1X16.2423Y23.9117 S12000
G1X15.7680Y24.0303 S12000
G1X15.2577Y24.1149 S12000
G1X14.7115Y24.1658 S12000
G1X14.1295Y24.1827 S12000
G1X13.5005Y24.1649 S12000
G1X12.9038Y24.1117 S12000
G1X12.3393Y24.0230 S12000
G1X11.8070Y23.8988 S12000
G1Y17.1765 S12000
G1X12.3183Y17.0975 S12000
G1X12.8973Y17.0411 S12000
M03 S0
G1Z-0.0254F30.0 S12000M3
G1X19.0085Y16.3758F6000.0 S12000M3
G1X19.4204Y16.2572 S12000
G1X19.8037Y16.1242 S12000
G1X20.1583Y15.9766 S12000
G1X20.4843Y15.8145 S12000
G1X20.7816Y15.6379 S12000
G1X21.0504Y15.4468 S12000
G1X21.2905Y15.2411 S12000
G1X21.5838Y14.9361 S12000
G1X21.8380Y14.6146 S12000
G1X22.0532Y14.2765 S12000
G1X22.2292Y13.9219 S12000
G1X22.3660Y13.5507 S12000
G1X22.4638Y13.1630 S12000
G1X22.5225Y12.7588 S12000
G1X22.5420Y12.3381 S12000
G1X22.5291Y12.0140 S12000
G1X22.4904Y11.6933 S12000
G1X22.4259Y11.3761 S12000
G1X22.3356Y11.0623 S12000
G1X22.2195Y10.7519 S12000
G1X22.0776Y10.4450 S12000
G1X21.9098Y10.1415 S12000
G1X21.7163Y9.8414 S12000
G1X21.5003Y9.5531 S12000
G1X21.2651Y9.2850 S12000
G1X21.0108Y9.0370 S12000
G1X20.7373Y8.8092 S12000
G1X20.4447Y8.6015 S12000
G1X20.1329Y8.4140 S12000
G1X19.8019Y8.2467 S12000
G1X19.4519Y8.0995 S12000
G1X19.0685Y7.9710 S12000
G1X18.6378Y7.8596 S12000
G1X18.1597Y7.7654 S12000
G1X17.6342Y7.6883 S12000
G1X17.0613Y7.6283 S12000
G1X16.4411Y7.5854 S12000
G1X15.7735Y7.5597 S12000
G1X15.0585Y7.5512 S12000
G1X6.8008 S12000
G1Y8.0286 S12000
G1X7.4588 S12000
G1X7.7233Y8.0395 S12000
G1X7.9685Y8.0721 S12000
G1X8.1943Y8.1265 S12000
G1X8.4007Y8.2028 S12000
G1X8.5878Y8.3007 S12000
G1X8.7556Y8.4205 S12000
G1X8.9039Y8.5620 S12000
G1X9.0330Y8.7253 S12000
G1X9.1025Y8.8541 S12000
G1X9.1628Y9.0148 S12000
G1X9.2138Y9.2073 S12000
G1X9.2555Y9.4317 S12000
G1X9.3112Y9.9761 S12000
G1X9.3297Y10.6478 S12000
G1Y21.9505 S12000
G1X9.3063Y22.6884 S12000
G1X9.2771Y23.0011 S12000
G1X9.2362Y23.2763 S12000
G1X9.1836Y23.5140 S12000
G1X9.1193Y23.7142 S12000
G1X9.0432Y23.8769 S12000
G1X8.9556Y24.0021 S12000
G1X8.8221Y24.1351 S12000
G1X8.6733Y24.2504 S12000
G1X8.5092Y24.3480 S12000
G1X8.3298Y24.4278 S12000
G1X8.1350Y24.4899 S12000
G1X7.9250Y24.5343 S12000
G1X7.6996Y24.5609 S12000
G1X7.4588Y24.5698 S12000
G1X6.8008 S12000
G1Y25.0472 S12000
G1X14.3618 S12000
G1X15.3674Y25.0278 S12000
G1X16.2681Y24.9698 S12000
G1X17.0641Y24.8730 S12000
G1X17.7552Y24.7375 S12000
G1X18.2247Y24.6102 S12000
G1X18.6656Y24.4605 S12000
G1X19.0779Y24.2884 S12000
G1X19.4615Y24.0940 S12000
G1X19.8166Y23.8772 S12000
G1X20.1430Y23.6380 S12000
G1X20.4407Y23.3764 S12000
G1X20.7099Y23.0924 S12000
G1X20.9488Y22.7917 S12000
G1X21.1558Y22.4799 S12000
G1X21.3310Y22.1571 S12000
G1X21.4744Y21.8231 S12000
G1X21.5858Y21.4781 S12000
G1X21.6655Y21.1219 S12000
G1X21.7133Y20.7547 S12000
G1X21.7292Y20.3764 S12000
G1X21.7167Y20.0517 S12000
G1X21.6792Y19.7357 S12000
G1X21.6167Y19.4284 S12000
G1X21.5292Y19.1297 S12000
G1X21.4167Y18.8397 S12000
G1X21.2792Y18.5583 S12000
G1X21.1167Y18.2857 S12000
G1X20.9292Y18.0217 S12000
G1X20.7173Y17.7704 S12000
G1X20.4817Y17.5358 S12000
G1X20.2222Y17.3180 S12000
G1X19.9389Y17.1169 S12000
G1X19.6319Y16.9325 S12000
G1X19.3011Y16.7649 S12000
G1X18.9464Y16.6140 S12000
G1X18.5680Y16.4798 S12000
M03 S0
G1Z-0.0254F30.0 S12000M3
G1X28.3224Y19.7184F6000.0 S12000M3
G1X28.8902 S12000
G1Y10.2220 S12000
G1X28.9002Y9.7136 S12000
G1X28.9305Y9.2979 S12000
G1X28.9809Y8.9749 S12000
G1X29.0514Y8.7447 S12000
G1X29.1418Y8.5725 S12000
G1X29.2514Y8.4237 S12000
G1X29.3805Y8.2983 S12000
G1X29.5288Y8.1963 S12000
G1X29.7196Y8.1173 S12000
G1X29.9756Y8.0608 S12000
G1X30.2969Y8.0270 S12000
G1X30.6836Y8.0157 S12000
G1Y7.5512 S12000
G1X24.9419 S12000
G1Y8.0157 S12000
G1X25.3387Y8.0261 S12000
G1X25.6645Y8.0576 S12000
G1X25.9193Y8.1100 S12000
G1X26.1032Y8.1834 S12000
G1X26.2439Y8.2810 S12000
G1X26.3693Y8.4060 S12000
G1X26.4794Y8.5584 S12000
G1X26.5741Y8.7382 S12000
G1X26.6503Y8.9761 S12000
G1X26.7048Y9.3027 S12000
G1X26.7374Y9.7180 S12000
G1X26.7483Y10.2220 S12000
G1Y14.7767 S12000
G1X26.7411Y15.6532 S12000
G1X26.7193Y16.3605 S12000
G1X26.6830Y16.8983 S12000
G1X26.6322Y17.2669 S12000
G1X26.5806Y17.4576 S12000
G1X26.5161Y17.6168 S12000
G1X26.4387Y17.7447 S12000
G1X26.3483Y17.8410 S12000
G1X26.2427Y17.9116 S12000
G1X26.1193Y17.9620 S12000
G1X25.9782Y17.9922 S12000
G1X25.8193Y18.0023 S12000
G1X25.6290Y17.9902 S12000
G1X25.4193Y17.9539 S12000
G1X25.1903Y17.8935 S12000
G1X24.9419Y17.8088 S12000
G1X24.7613Y18.2733 S12000
M03 S0
G1Z-0.0254F30.0 S12000M3
G1X27.0935Y23.4972F6000.0 S12000M3
G1X26.8902Y23.6666 S12000
G1X26.7209Y23.8698 S12000
G1X26.5999Y24.0924 S12000
G1X26.5274Y24.3343 S12000
G1X26.5032Y24.5956 S12000
G1X26.5270Y24.8564 S12000
G1X26.5983Y25.0972 S12000
G1X26.7173Y25.3177 S12000
G1X26.8838Y25.5181 S12000
G1X27.0850Y25.6846 S12000
G1X27.3080Y25.8036 S12000
G1X27.5527Y25.8750 S12000
G1X27.8192Y25.8987 S12000
G1X28.0801Y25.8750 S12000
G1X28.3208Y25.8036 S12000
G1X28.5414Y25.6846 S12000
G1X28.7418Y25.5181 S12000
G1X28.9083Y25.3177 S12000
G1X29.0272Y25.0972 S12000
G1X29.0986Y24.8564 S12000
G1X29.1224Y24.5956 S12000
G1X29.0986Y24.3343 S12000
G1X29.0272Y24.0924 S12000
G1X28.9083Y23.8698 S12000
G1X28.7418Y23.6666 S12000
G1X28.5414Y23.4972 S12000
G1X28.3208Y23.3763 S12000
G1X28.0801Y23.3037 S12000
G1X27.8192Y23.2795 S12000
G1X27.5580Y23.3037 S12000
G1X27.3160Y23.3763 S12000
M03 S0
G1Z-0.0254F30.0 S12000M3
G1X35.6382Y25.8987F6000.0 S12000M3
G1X36.2189 S12000
G1Y10.2220 S12000
G1X36.2289Y9.7140 S12000
G1X36.2592Y9.2995 S12000
G1X36.3096Y8.9785 S12000
G1X36.3801Y8.7511 S12000
G1X36.4717Y8.5814 S12000
G1X36.5850Y8.4334 S12000
G1X36.7201Y8.3072 S12000
G1X36.8769Y8.2028 S12000
G1X37.0809Y8.1209 S12000
G1X37.3575Y8.0624 S12000
G1X37.7067Y8.0274 S12000
G1X38.1285Y8.0157 S12000
G1Y7.5512 S12000
G1X32.3352 S12000
G1Y8.0157 S12000
G1X32.7093Y8.0261 S12000
G1X33.0190Y8.0576 S12000
G1X33.2642Y8.1100 S12000
G1X33.4448Y8.1834 S12000
G1X33.5851Y8.2810 S12000
G1X33.7093Y8.4060 S12000
G1X33.8174Y8.5584 S12000
G1X33.9093Y8.7382 S12000
G1X33.9827Y8.9761 S12000
G1X34.0351Y9.3027 S12000
G1X34.0665Y9.7180 S12000
G1X34.0770Y10.2220 S12000
G1Y20.9570 S12000
G1X34.0544Y22.5715 S12000
G1X34.0262Y23.0896 S12000
G1X33.9867Y23.4150 S12000
G1X33.9347Y23.6259 S12000
G1X33.8690Y23.8004 S12000
G1X33.7895Y23.9387 S12000
G1X33.6964Y24.0408 S12000
G1X33.5895Y24.1141 S12000
G1X33.4690Y24.1666 S12000
G1X33.3347Y24.1980 S12000
G1X33.1867Y24.2085 S12000
G1X33.0077Y24.1956 S12000
G1X32.8061Y24.1569 S12000
G1X32.5819Y24.0924 S12000
G1X32.3352Y24.0021 S12000
G1X32.1158Y24.4536 S12000
M03 S0
G1Z-0.0254F30.0 S12000M3
G1X42.9799Y25.8987F6000.0 S12000M3
G1X43.5605 S12000
G1Y10.2220 S12000
G1X43.5706Y9.7140 S12000
G1X43.6008Y9.2995 S12000
G1X43.6512Y8.9785 S12000
G1X43.7218Y8.7511 S12000
G1X43.8133Y8.5814 S12000
G1X43.9266Y8.4334 S12000
G1X44.0617Y8.3072 S12000
G1X44.2185Y8.2028 S12000
G1X44.4225Y8.1209 S12000
G1X44.6991Y8.0624 S12000
G1X45.0483Y8.0274 S12000
G1X45.4701Y8.0157 S12000
G1Y7.5512 S12000
G1X39.6768 S12000
G1Y8.0157 S12000
G1X40.0509Y8.0261 S12000
G1X40.3606Y8.0576 S12000
G1X40.6058Y8.1100 S12000
G1X40.7864Y8.1834 S12000
G1X40.9267Y8.2810 S12000
G1X41.0509Y8.4060 S12000
G1X41.1590Y8.5584 S12000
G1X41.2509Y8.7382 S12000
G1X41.3243Y8.9761 S12000
G1X41.3767Y9.3027 S12000
G1X41.4081Y9.7180 S12000
G1X41.4186Y10.2220 S12000
G1Y20.9570 S12000
G1X41.3961Y22.5715 S12000
G1X41.3678Y23.0896 S12000
G1X41.3283Y23.4150 S12000
G1X41.2763Y23.6259 S12000
G1X41.2106Y23.8004 S12000
G1X41.1311Y23.9387 S12000
G1X41.0380Y24.0408 S12000
G1X40.9312Y24.1141 S12000
G1X40.8106Y24.1666 S12000
G1X40.6763Y24.1980 S12000
G1X40.5283Y24.2085 S12000
G1X40.3493Y24.1956 S12000
G1X40.1477Y24.1569 S12000
G1X39.9235Y24.0924 S12000
G1X39.6768Y24.0021 S12000
G1X39.4574Y24.4536 S12000
M03 S0
M03 S0

so not sure if there is something not turned on? or i read about the grbl1.1 not sure how to check what version i have. i have a newer x controller if that helps

i have the xcarve cnc machine with jtec

i have a xcarve i use that with zero problem. just got laser and trying to figure it out. i have read and read and read. i see two different kinda of ways for intensity, i see multiple types of PP from vcarve, i see diffenrent kinda of Grbl versions. what i dont know is what works best for what. i have the 1.1f does this work? there is not alot of info on using the 1.1f… i will do alot of trial and error see what works and not.