Xcarve Arduno control

I’m wondering control cod controls the xcarve Arduno is it GRBL. I’m looking for a different. Controler software for my xcarve. Easel just isn’t accpeting the files I want to carve. Thanks Harley

Yes, the stock control software for the X-Carve is GRBL. :smile:

Grbl is the firmware that runs on the Arduino and interprets the G-code commands that are sent to it.

Easel is a design/G-code sender program that creates the G-code based on your design and sends it to the Arduino via the serial port.

There are many design programs that will generate G-code based on your design. Some of them are V-carve (PRO and Desktop [expensive], also Aspire [more expensive], and Fusion 360 [free]. There are many more.

Once you have the G-code you can use a sender to send that G-code to grbl on the Arduino. Two examples are Universal G-code Sender (abbrev. UGS or UGCS) and Chilipepper (web based). There are others.

Hi! I want to thank you for your quick answer to my question. Harley

I believe what HarleyLamunyon is saying is that he is unable to import files into Easel.
First we need to find out what type of file Harley using and then we can find a program that will enable him to import the file and output a usable GRBL file.

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Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions it is grate to have some one to help when need answers.

Hi! I have tried files from Vcarve pro trial , Inkscape , sketchup 2015. I’ve tried to convert htm,eps,ai, vectors, and a lot of svg files don,t work. I have tried meny other programs that I don’t remember the names. I’m new cnc and xcarve but to me I fell that Easel is limited for all the programs that are available
Thanks Harley

I would suggest heading over to the Shapeoko Wiki for some help. It is a bit awkward to navigate but it does have a lot of useful information.
Second I would suggest looking through the Shapeoko forum as well for information.

A lot depends on how complicated your drawings are and what you are trying to achieve. If you are new, take baby steps and find out where your troubles are. Cut a few circles, squares and letters. It is amazing how things make sense after a few simple cuts.

i use design spark cad (very easy to use and free ) and meshcam for the cam (also very easy to use) and universal g sender and it works well for me